Pembroke Pines Debt Attorneys

When you start falling behind in your payments, it can truly be a stressful and fearful situation. You may be facing foreclosure or repossession. You may be drowning in medical bills or facing a lawsuit. Or, maybe you are even dealing with wage garnishment.

Don’t let it go that far without weighing out all of your options. There are many different avenues you can consider before having to give up the rights to your home, property, or possessions. At Loan Lawyers, our team of experienced debt attorneys in Pembroke Pines is ready to help you get back on your feet financially.

Because it can be so costly and time-consuming for creditors and lenders to actually move forward with a court filing for foreclosure or other collection actions, they are often willing to negotiate the terms of your payment plan. Our debt relief lawyers in Pembroke Pines have the proven track record of successfully negotiating with lenders on the behalf of our clients. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to negotiate the terms of your loan so that you can start paying off your bills much easier and on your terms.

Lender Negotiation

You may be familiar with debt negotiation firms that put out ads for debt settlements. They often promise to get you out of debt in a very short time period and to tremendously reduce or eliminate your debt completely. The bad news is that these companies are often debt relief scammers. A red flag is that they often advise you to stop making monthly payments and then will go on to offer your lenders whatever money you managed to save up while pausing payments.

However, this is a huge mistake because your lenders do not need to negotiate with you. In fact, they could even push forth a lawsuit much sooner than anticipated if you completely put a hold on your payments. In addition, these scams become costly to the borrower who usually pays a large upfront fee for their services. After all is said and done, you may end up in more financial trouble than you initially started with.

Our Pembroke Pines debt lawyers have years of experience negotiating with lenders and we are dedicated to helping our clients.

What Can An Attorney Do?

When negotiating with lenders, it can become quite complicated for the average person. They often have full teams behind them that are doing their own research to make sure the lender gets the best possible outcome that benefits them. In many cases, the best deal for your lenders is not the best deal for you. This is where having an expert debt relief lawyer on your side will bring you an advantage. Our Pembroke Pines debt relief lawyers will look into all of the different options that will benefit your overall financial situation.

For example, we will negotiate the interest rates, the monthly payment amount, an extended timeline of repayments, a temporary pause in payments, reducing the loan’s full amount, eliminating any late fees or penalties, and much, much more.

While you are fully able to reach out to your creditor on your own to try and come to a mutual agreement, you may not know the best course of action to take. You also are not as experienced as the team of attorneys and analysts that your creditor has working for them. The last thing you want is to land yourself in even more debt than when you started the process.

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