Can Cavalry SPV I, LLC or Any Other Debt Collector Contact Me for a Past Due Debt?

senior man pointing to a debt collection paper

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Have you received an email from Cavalry SPV I, LLC or any other Cavalry related company stating that you are collections with their company?  Have they emailed someone else you know disclosing that you are collections with them?  If so, please contact Loan Lawyers right away for your free case evaluation.  Cavalry SPV I, LLC or another Cavalry related company may have violated the law in sending that email to you.  They may have also violated the law by sending emails to others about you.

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) protects consumers who are behind on debts and prohibits Cavalry SPV I, LLC and all other debt collectors from disclosing to third parties that you have any sort of debt.  At Loan Lawyers, LLC we sue Cavalry and other debt collectors for violating the FDCPA.  If Cavalry or any other debt collector has informed third parties that you have a debt, we may be able to sue them for you in state pf federal court for violating the FDCPA.  When we take these cases, they are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no attorney’s fees or costs in the event we do not obtain a recovery for you.  Just because you may have a past due debt does not mean that you do not have rights.  If those have been violated, you can sue Cavalry or any other debt collector for violating those rights.  The fact that you are past due on a debt does not change that fact.

If we file a lawsuit on your behalf for an FDCPA violation, you may end up with compensation for damages and your attorney’s fees paid, plus the debt may be wiped out and removed from your credit report.  Call Loan Lawyers today for your free case evaluation if you have been contacted by Cavalry SPV I, LLC or any other debt collector regarding a past due debt.

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