More About Matis Abarbanel

Matis Abarbanel always wanted to be an attorney since he could remember, dating back to the time when he was first contemplating which career path to take and his parents told him, “Son, the world is an open book and any career you wish to pursue is up to you. So here is your chance to pick whatever it is that you want to do with your life; you can be a doctor, a lawyer or an accountant.” Since he hates blood, and finds math boring, a career in law was the obvious choice.

All joking aside, Matis has always been passionate about fighting for the rights of the underdog and standing up for the oppressed. He longed for the opportunity to right wrongs and from his very core, the relentless pursuit of justice is what moved him to become an attorney over 16 years ago. Upon graduating law school, he spent the first couple years of his legal career working at personal injury litigation firms before starting his own firm.

With only a couple years of practice under his belt, he teamed up with a friend and built a multi-million dollar plaintiff catastrophic injury law firm that helped thousands of injured South Florida residents who were harmed due to the negligence or recklessness of others.

Despite the firm’s success, Matis was still searching for a bigger, more universal truth, and after some soul searching decided to take a hiatus from the practice of law, picked up a backpack and began his travels across the world longing to quench the thirst of his soul. His travels eventually led him to Israel where he settled and lived for four years, reconnecting with his Jewish roots, attending Yeshiva, getting married, and spending the majority of his time studying Torah and helping those less fortunate.

In 2009, Matis returned to Florida as a devout Chasidic Jew armed with a new life mission of making the world a better place and a true dwelling place for G-d. He knew that personal injury law was no longer the path for him, and upon confronting the financial meltdown and foreclosure crisis that was plaguing his hometown community of South Florida, he teamed up with Matthew Bavaro to start Loan Lawyers and focus on helping and fighting for the rights of South Florida homeowners and consumers.

As a founding partner of Loan Lawyers, Matis spends the majority of his time on the strategic growth and development of the firm, constantly and diligently searching for new and innovate approaches towards helping consumers and homeowners in need. In addition to his responsibilities as a Senior Partner at Loan Lawyers, Matis prays three times a day, studies Torah two hours a day, observes the Shabbat, and maintains a strict Kosher diet and mitzvah observant lifestyle.

He dedicates most of his free time doing charitable work for a non-profit organization that he founded called The Center ( that helps at risk Jewish youth by providing them with the necessary tools to discover their true unique purpose and live productive and fulfilling lives. In whatever other spare time he manages to squeeze out, he loves to spend time with his family doing nothing, travel, entertain guests, and go swimming and bike riding.


  • Undergraduate: University of South Florida
  • Law School: University of Denver

Court Admissions

  • Admitted to practice in all Florida State Courts
  • United States Southern District of Florida
  • The United States Middle District of Florida