Our Unique Approach to Solving Your Debt Problems

At Loan Lawyers, our unique and multifaceted approach to total debt solutions sets us apart from the many other consumer rights law firms in South Florida.

Too often, we have had clients come to us for a free consultation to discuss their debt issues, only to tell us that the previous attorney they met with told them they should just file bankruptcy. Yet, after analyzing their whole debt picture, we have been able to:

We started to see a pattern emerging: Bankruptcy law firms were advising clients that bankruptcy was the right solution when it wasn’t. Law firms that only handled foreclosure matters were not equipped to help consumers with the multitude of bankruptcy or other creative approaches that could really benefit them. People were missing out on opportunities to substantially reduce or eliminate their mortgage and other debts.

From day one, Loan Lawyers was built around putting clients and their needs first. Therefore, we provide a unique and creative approach to every client’s debt situation, often employing a multi-prong defense and attack for each area of debt obligations. In fact, besides offering affordable legal fees, we handle many consumer cases on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t get paid unless we win your case.

It’s not uncommon for a consumer or homeowner to come to Loan Lawyers for foreclosure defense or bankruptcy, and wind up making money. That is because we hold the banks and debt collectors responsible for their negligent or fraudulent behavior. Consumers and homeowners should always be empowered to know that just because they have debt, that doesn’t mean they don’t have rights. Not only that, more often than you could imagine, the entity that is trying to collect on the debt doesn’t even own it and can’t prove that it has the right to bring the lawsuit.

By fighting hard for our clients and taking a total debt solution approach, we have been able to even the playing field and give our clients peace of mind so they can sleep at night. Loan Lawyers is large enough to have the resources and tools to fight against the big banks, debt companies, and their lawyers, yet small enough to give you the attention that you need. We know what it feels like to be David facing Goliath, and we are here to remind you that David won.

Loan Lawyers is made up of experienced consumer rights attorneys who use every available resource to develop comprehensive debt solution strategies. Our goal is to take on those burdens, resolve those problems, and allow our clients to sleep soundly knowing they are on the path to a better future.

Our Reputation in the South Florida Community

Thanks to hard work and our commitment to always put our clients’ interests first, Loan Lawyers has developed an exceptional reputation in the South Florida community. We have not only earned heartfelt appreciation from consumers and homeowners but also respect from our adversaries in the courtroom and the judges who preside over our cases. In fact, the majority of our clients are still referred to us by word of mouth.

Thousands of South Florida homeowners have turned to Loan Lawyers for solutions to their foreclosure and debt issues. We are honored when we hear that new clients came to our offices due to what a great job we did for their friends and neighbors. It is not uncommon for judges in open court to complement our knowledge and integrity. We have even had several new clients come to our office as a result of foreclosure judges telling them about our trustworthy reputation.

In fact, recently the vice president of one of the largest mortgage loan servicing companies in the country referred his best friend to our firm when his house went into foreclosure. He told his friend: “I can’t stand this law firm because they put up such a fight. They are a real thorn in my side, but if you want the best, go to Loan Lawyers.”

How Can We Help You Sleep Better?

Loan Lawyers is focused exclusively on helping homeowners and consumers with debt issues, including:

We are committed to fighting for the rights of South Florida homeowners and consumers facing the challenges of debt and financial hardship. If you are in need of exceptional legal representation at an affordable price, please contact us now to schedule your free consultation.

Why We Do What We Do

In 2009, Matthew Bavaro and Matis Abarbanel both left lucrative personal injury law practices to form Loan Lawyers. They wanted to focus exclusively on providing affordable and creative solutions to homeowners and consumers in debt.

Both founding partners are practicing Orthodox Jews who wanted to find a way to really help people who were feeling the crunch during the Florida foreclosure crisis and economic downturn. Sadly, so many people in the community were losing their homes because they were simply unaware of their rights or were being taken advantage of by unscrupulous home rescue scams. The founding partners of Loan Lawyers built the firm with the goal of looking out for the best interests of individuals who were in need of legal assistance due to their foreclosure or debt-related issues.

What started out with just the two lawyers and one secretary has now grown to one of the leading law firms in South Florida. The firm now has nine attorneys and over 30 employees whose sole drive and motivation is to fight for the rights of those individuals who are being treated unfairly by greedy and unscrupulous banks, financial institutions, and debt collectors.