Why Am I Being Sued By a Debt Collection Company That I Have Never Heard Of?

man reading debt collection notice letterman reading debt collection notice letter

All of us have fallen on hard times at one point in our lives and have struggled to keep up with our debts.  However, sometimes circumstances beyond our control get the better of us and there simply is not enough money at the end of the month to pay every debt.  Once someone has missed payments on a debt, the debt is often charged off and sold to debt buyers.  A debt buyer’s entire business model is buying debts for pennies on the dollar and then chasing people who are struggling financially to get them to pay.  It can be an incredibly profitable business model.  Oftentimes these debt buyers will sue to collect on the debts.  Sadly, few people hire competent lawyers to represent them.  Many people just ignore the lawsuit (bad idea) and others call the lawyers who filed the lawsuit begging for a payment plan (also a bad idea).

It is not uncommon for the lawsuit to be the first time that someone has heard of this debt buyer who is now suing them.  Although the law requires them to send you a notice that the debt has been transferred to them, we hear all of the time that clients never received that notice. Some debt buyers that we see commonly in Florida are:

  • Crown Asset Management, LLC
  • Velocity Investments, LLC
  • Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC
  • Cascade Capital, LLC
  • JHPDE Finance I, LLC
  • Cavalry SPV I, LLC
  • Credit Corp. Solutions, Inc.
  • Unifund CCR, LLC
  • Portfolio Recovery Associates
  • Midland Funding
  • Second Round Sub

If you have been sued by any of these debt buyers, or any others, please call Loan lawyers for your free consultation.  We may be able to get you out of the debt without you having to pay anything to that debt buyer!  We have handled thousands of these cases over years and have eliminated over $100million in debt.  We may be able to eliminate the debt you are being sued on.  Call us at 1.888.FIGHT.13 for your free case evaluation with one of our attorneys.