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Loan Lawyers is the place to go!

“This law firm has a team of attorneys who are truly committed to offer top legal representation to all consumers regardless of their circumstances. Using a comprehensive approach they evaluate the merits of each case and are able to put a team of highly skilled professionals to work for you to ensure your legal rights are protected. When it comes to finding the best solution to your debt problem, Loan Lawyers is the place to go. I especially want to give a shout out to Jon Benjamin for his professionalism and aggressive litigation style that guarantees you have someone in your corner always fighting for you.”

I Can Sleep Again

“Thank you Matthew and team for your help. I could not sleep anymore because of the stress of losing my home, but you really came through for me. I am so glad I found you all.”

Special people like you make such a wonderful difference.

“You guys went out of your way, and it was out of this world! Special people like you, who care for others with so much warmth and kindness, make such a wonderful difference. We hope you know how very much you’re appreciated. We’re grateful! We’re touched! We’re tickled pink! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Rosy, Walter and Rusty the Dog

I have no way of repaying what you all have done for us!

“Hi Michael, Thank you so much for keeping in touch about this issue. I have no way of repaying what you all have done for us, your care and support and hard work have been life changing for us. We would have been in a very horrible shape if it wasn’t for all of you. You’re officially like family to us! Have a great day!”

Honest, Very Professional, Simply the Best

“Before I say anything, let me give thanks to the all mighty, GOD, because without him nothing is possible and if you don’t believe in God you better start right now. We were days away from losing our house where we lived for 16 years. Thank God we received a flyer in the mail from Loan Lawyers offering their service. We called them and in less than 3 weeks they were able to work with our mortgage company to drop the foreclosure lawsuit. Many thanks to Michael Citron, Jon Benjamin, Seth Wieder, Yanaisdys Martinez and the rest of the staff from Loan Lawyers. To everybody out there in need of a law firm and in a situation like ours, call Loan Lawyers, they are honest, very professional and simply the best. Thank you Loan Lawyers from the bottom of our heart. GOD BLESS YOU.”

I could not be happier with how they handle my case.

“I was sued by a debt-collector that I had never heard of and hired Loan Lawyers to fight for me. I could not be happier with how they handled my case. In less than two months my case was over and now I never have to worry about the debt again! Loan Lawyers fought hard for me and I would strongly recommend them to anyone else with debt problems.”

Donna M.

You’re the reason I can sleep at night!

“Thanks so much for putting up with me and my nervous breakdowns. You take care, girl, and keep up the good work. You’re the reason I can sleep at night. Let me tell you that all of you are way more effective than any sleeping pills.”

I hired Loan Lawyers to help me try to save my home.

“I hired Loan Lawyers to help me try to save my home. They promised they would be very aggressive in fighting for me. While trying to save my house, they discovered that someone working for the mortgage company had been breaking consumer protection laws and actually sued them for me! By the time the case was over the mortgage company had to pay me for harassment and I did not have to pay Loan Lawyers a cent up front!”

I highly recommend this team.

“My only regret is not hiring these guys sooner. By the time I contacted them I had a sale date and final judgement against me in my foreclosure case. Laura Hoy explained their multi faceted approach and tactics and I was sold. Jonathan Benjamin filed an amazing motion to set aside the judgment. I was honestly surprised when the judge denied it because the arguments and case law cited by Jonathan were excellent but I understand it was an almost impossible situation. At the same time that all this was going on the firm had filed a loan modification for me which got approved. I made my first payment and the sale date was cancelled. I on my way to staying permanently in my home and I owe it all to the team at Loan Lawyers and a special thanks to Jonathan Benjamin. I would also like to thank Maricarmen and Edna for their work on the loan mod. I highly recommend this team.”

Alejandro V.

Thank you for the big win.

“I would like to thank the team at Loan Lawyers for the time and knowledge applied to not only knowing the law, but sharing it with us in a manner that helped us understand our rights as a home owner. Your team was wise to the law and understood our situation well. Thank you for the big win. Should the bank attempt any other action, we will be sure to use you again and to recommend you to our associates and friends.”

Wylene Ellington, CEO

Very Pleased with their Professionalism and Promptness

“I hired Loan Lawyers and I am very pleased with their professionalism, promptness, and the way they took care of my case. I also am very happy with the pleasant atmosphere and demeanor of all the lawyers in the office.”

Keith Sweitzer

They Take Your Case to Heart

“You have been served foreclosure papers, now what? It is a real and scary thing to face along; I can relate I have been there. There are many Law Firms out there so it could be very confusing at times. Let me tell you about Loan Lawyers, they are a firm of very well prepared licensed attorneys ready to fight for you. They take your case at heart; they care for your situation and go to battle as if it were for them. Not only they represented me but have done for many others with a record of victories second to none. In my case they fought and won giving us a great victory but they did not stop there. As a top Law Firm they also went after the bank for all the fees I had paid and also were able to secure a victory there, try that somewhere else. Listen, don’t waste your time and money, don’t stress out, call Loan Lawyers for a free consultation they wont sugar coat anything and if the can help they will tell you right up front. Once they have you, you can relax and take a step back knowing that you are in good hands with Loan Lawyers.”

We would be very happy to recommend Loan Lawyers to anyone.

“In July of 2013 my wife and I came to your office seeking assistance with the foreclosure notice we had recently received. Your staff was very professional and quickly began addressing the issue. Your staff made it clear that the process could take some time and they thoroughly explained all possible outcomes. My wife and I informed your staff what our expectations were regarding our home. We wanted to remain there as long as we could. As time went on, you continually kept us informed as to what had taken place and what was yet to come. If a decision needed to be made regarding the process, you would explain our choices thoroughly and allow us to make the decisions regarding our case. We would like to thank you and your staff for their excellent work in getting our case resolved with a judgement in our favor. You truly made our Christmas a very merry one with the news of the courts decision. We would be very happy to recommend Loan Lawyers to anyone we know. We could not ask for any better service from a legal firm in addressing our issues.”

Will Recommend to Any of My Friends

“I was just thinking about the outcome of this case, and I wanted to compliment you and your firm for a great job. This issue is about recovering the legal cost from the foreclosure dismissal. From the start, you contacted me and you were clear in the way you speak, we discussed all of the options and possibilities, good and bad for me, it is always good to know everything so one can make a well informed decision. I told you my position on this issue, and that gave you enough freedom to negotiate without your hands being tied. You took it from there. You told me you will get back to me in a few days, and you did. Awesome. Then we discussed the next move, and again in a few days you contacted me with the results. In the end the result was great for me and fair. I can not say enough about the professionalism and organizational skills of this law firm. They all work together well, everyone has their job, but it all comes together perfectly for the client. Every time I called, they address you by your name, and can answer any questions about the status. Never did I get the answer “we can’t find your file” or “we don’t know” or “the person is out of the office today and they are the only one that can answer.” I would have you represent me in any case in the future. I will also recommend your firm Loan Lawyers to any of my friends. As your firm has created a very strong team.”

We could not ask for any better service from a legal firm!

“In July of 2013 my wife and I came to your office seeking assistance with the foreclosure notice we had recently received. Your staff was very professional and quickly began addressing the issue. Your staff made it clear that the process could take some time and they thoroughly explained all possible outcomes. My wife and I informed your staff what our expectations were regarding our home. We wanted to remain there as long as we could. As time went on, you continually kept us informed as to what had taken place and what was yet to come. If a decision needed to be made regarding the process, you would explain our choices thoroughly and allow us to make the decisions regarding our case. We would like to thank you and your staff for their excellent work in getting our case resolved with a judgement in our favor. You truly made our Christmas a very merry one with the news of the courts decision. We would be very happy to recommend Loan Lawyers to anyone we know. We could not ask for any better service from a legal firm in addressing our issues.”

Won My Case – Forever Grateful

“My foreclosure case was complicated and dragged on for over 3 years. Mr. Bavaro was the attorney at the end who took the court case on himself and won. He was helped by Laura Hoy and Chezky Rodal, and a team inside that are efficient and effective. Their combined team effort won my case and I am forever grateful. I have already referred two friends to him and will again if asked.”

Would Strongly Recommend

“I would strongly recommend Matthew Bavaro and Loan Lawyers to anyone! My wife and I met with Matthew the first day we went to see them and from that very first day, he, his staff and his attorneys have taken excellent care of us! Their service has been fantastic – they keep us informed about our case, they call us back when we have questions and they are very accessible when we need something. From the beginning, Matthew was very honest about what we can expect in this process and we are extremely confident that they are working hard every day to help us and getthe results we are seeking! I would absolutely recommend Loan Lawyers to help you like they have helped us!”

A Very Efficient and Effective Attorney’s Office!

“A very efficient and effective attorney’s office. The receptionists have always been very polite and the particular attorney we worked with at Loan Lawyers, Jon Benjamin, actually cares deeply about his work and his clients. Highly recommended.”

Aggressive, Professional and a Very Knowledgeable Attorney.

“I want to thank Jonathan M Benjamin, Esquire the lawyer from this firm that is handling my case. His patience, prompt response, professionalism, kindness and knowledge have transform our lives from worry to victory. Thank you Benjamin for fighting for our home. You do fight on behalf of homeowners that had been victims for so long from not to honest lending institutions. No words can express my gratitude to you and Matthew team. Thank and you and God bless you.”

If you are losing your home, I wouldn’t hesitate in calling.

“There are no words to describe the gratitude I feel for deciding to put Loan Lawyers on my case. They have walked me through every step of the way and have eased my worries as much as possible during this difficult time. Sonya along with John Benjamin, and Maria have been aggressively fighting for me to keep my home and I feel they take my case personal. They have made this process effortless for me and I feel I could never repay them for their hard work and passion in the matter of keeping my home. There are not enough words to describe my faith in them but I do hope they know the depth of my gratitude. If you are losing your home, I wouldn’t hesitate in calling them. You want a team that will take on your case as if it were their own. Thank you Loan lawyers.”


He went above and beyond.

“We reached out to Jon Benjamin when my mom was in danger of losing her home. My mom and dad moved into their Florida premises in 1998. Some years later, they took out a reverse mortgage. My dad passed away in 2003 and my mom continued to reside in their home. Approximately two months ago, Financial Freedom tired to foreclose on my mother’s home. They claimed she abandoned the premises (which she never did) and tried to throw her out. We called John Benjamin and he immediately put as at ease. My mom, 83 years old, met with him and felt extremely comfortable the minute she sat down with him. Even though she never “abandoned” her home, she was stressed and nervous. Jon was extremely compassionate and professional. He proceeded to get the case dismissed and my mom is able to stay in her home. Jon Benjamin was the best thing to happen to us and my mom. We highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of his services. He went above and beyond and we felt he took on this case in the most professional matter, but also in a personal way. He was always reachable and kept us posted every step of the way! My mom thought the world of him and so do we.”

Annette F.

Thank you so much for your help!

“Thank you so much for your kind generosity and help! You have been more than generous with all you have done for us. My father told me yesterday how immensely relieved he felt to have everything resolved you have a big Zchus! Many Thanks.”


Highly Recommend

“Facing losing your home is an overwhelming feeling. In my circumstance the loan fell in default after forced place insurance made it impossible to cure. Speaking directly to the bank would go absolutely nowhere compounding the anxiety at this difficult time. Once I signed up with Loan Lawyers the staff and attorneys handled everything. At this point they were able to communicate with the lender through their attorney’s, file motions and fight over our points of interest, and most important buy the time so a cure could happen. I can say from experience that Chase Jenkins, Michael Citron, and Matt Bavaro ran our case well, kept us informed, fought for over 3 years and professionally handled our case. They explored all avenues and solutions to help the problem go away. Once they took over the burden of dealing with the bank the process becomes much less overwhelming. I am pleased to say they helped save our home in a way that was beneficial to everyone. I appreciate their help and highly recommend Loan Lawyers and look forward to referring people them.”


Just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude.

“Just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude towards one of your attorneys, Jon Benjamin. I truly appreciate the counsel he has provided since November of 2015 as it has kept the bank from taking our home. Just recently he was able to stop a summary judgement motion put together by the other side. He is a blessing to us and I thank him and Loan Lawyers for aggressively fighting hard on behalf of myself and my wife in trying to save our home. I sincerely doubt we would still have our home if we would have stuck with our previous attorney. Jon’s knowledge and guidance in this field is tremendous and we thank God for him every day. I’m sure you know what an asset he is to your firm, but I felt the need to express how fortunate we feel to have Jon and Loan Lawyers on our side. Thank you and God Bless.”

Robert Nardi

Forever grateful for these individuals!

“It’s really hard growing up in a house for over 20 years and next thing you know, you’re not sure if you will have a place to stay for the upcoming year. Because of these strong, helpful professionals I can proudly say we won our court case and are able to keep our house. Forever grateful for these individuals!”


Loan Lawyers were always one step ahead of the lender.

“In 2007 we lost our jobs and couldn’t make our mortgage payments anymore, and as a result of that we were hit with a foreclosure lawsuit from Chase Bank. By 2008 we were working again and tried to modify our loan, but twice the lender received our application and twice they claimed to have lost it, so the modification never happened. We then tried to sell the house as a short sale to try to save what was left of our credit, but that was denied as well. As the years went by, we were getting closer to a sale date and preparing for the worse. We hired an attorney that was able to stop the sale and gave us some time to regroup, however his advice was always to just file for bankruptcy and let the house go, and he was always putting pressure on us. We couldn’t bear to do that, this is more than a house for us, it’s our home where our son has lived since he was a baby. It holds all of our memories as a family, and my husband and I bought it full of dreams and hopes that we would live all of our lives here and pass it on to our son. As luck would have it, the case was dismissed in 2011 and we never heard from the lender again until they filed another foreclosure lawsuit in 2013. We went to see about 8 different attorneys that were recommended to us, and we left very heartbroken and hopeless from each interview. They all advised the same thing, file for bankruptcy and walk away. They all told us it had been too long and we owed too much money to be able to modify our loan. We had received a few letters from different attorneys offering their assistance, but the letter from Loan Lawyers caught out attention. We decided to ask for an appointment and went to the interview not knowing what to expect. We met with Matis Abarbanel, and immediately we knew we were in the right place. His expertise and knowledge were impressive, and for the first time in 6 years we were not hearing an attorney tell us to give everything up and walk away. He explained everything so well, his positive attitude was contagious, he knew what to do and he was going to help us fight this battle. As soon as we retained Loan Lawyers, they started working really hard in our behalf. They filed a lawsuit against the loan servicer at that time and won the case. All the annoying collection calls, almost daily collection letters, people taking pictures of our house and knocking at our door were stopped, and we saw immediate results. The attorneys at Loan Lawyers were always one step ahead of the lender, we never had an issue with them dropping the ball at all. The lender learned pretty soon that they were dealing with professionals and started delaying the case and changing servicing agents very often. 3 more years went by, and in February of this year we received a court notice for a non jury trial. At that point we knew the chances of a loan modification with our current income was non existent. However, Loan Lawyers had a secret weapon named Chase Jenkins. From the moment he took over the negotiations with the lender’s attorney, everything started falling into place. Mr. Jenkins is the most qualified and professional individual we have ever dealt with, and he was available all the time to answer our calls and emails. He even gave us his personal cell phone number, and he fought like a lion for us, he kept pushing the lender to concede more and more. Not only did he negotiate a loan modification in less than two weeks, but he was able to get the lender to forgive all past due payments, taxes, insurance and all other fees and to reinstate the loan at the original balance and with a fixed interest for the life of the loan. Thanks to his negotiating skills, the lender dismissed the case even before the modification was signed. It took a few days for all this to sink in, we couldn’t believe it, we have no words to describe what a blessing all this has been for our family. We are clients for life and highly recommend Loan Lawyers. They have the most amazing team of attorneys and paralegals and we are forever grateful that G-d put them in our path and we were able to keep our home.”

Laura Nieto

The Greatest Lawyer!

“Michael Citron at Loan Lawyers, successfully won two very difficult Real Estate cases for us today. Michael is honest, knowledgeable and an amazing Lawyer. I would put Michael in my corner against any Lawyer or Law Firm in North America.”

Gary & Stella

Thank You!

“Thank you for your kindness to me and my family!”

Oliver & Rose Cole

Job Well Done!

“I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks for a job well done in our case against the association ‘Vue at Brickell’ in which we received a favorable dismissal with prejudice. This would not have been possible without your dedication to your job and your experience in the field. I would like to reiterate my appreciation and congratulations for this great achievement and look forward to continue working with Loan Lawyers as we face the upcoming challenges for our next case against the bank, and to restate my confidence in you.”

Julio C.

Thank You!!

“Thank you for being so thorough and helping us feel more comfortable during the bankruptcy process. We didn’t get a chance to thank you for all your help. Thank you for being so thorough and helping us feel more comfortable during the bankruptcy process. As I told Rocky, while sitting in the room with all the other people doing what we were doing, you could tell which attorneys did their homework and which didn’t. You and Rocky were way on top of it all, so thank you!!”

Ellen Helfgott

My experience with Loan Lawyers has been the greatest.

“My experience with Loan Lawyers has been the greatest. The people working there are not just friendly, but they are caring and really concerned with your needs. I didn’t need to worry about any issues like I did with other companies in the past that I used to try to get loan modifications. You don’t just feel like you are another problem to them, and they really fight against the banks.”

Joyce White

We highly recommend Loan Lawyers.

“We highly recommend Loan Lawyers, and our experience with them has been excellent. They are very polite and always kept us up to date on every single detail of our case.”

Barbara Bezerra

More than a Firm

“I recently had an issue with the HOA where I lived, I contacted Loan Lawyers for my representation they assigned me Sonja. She did an awesome job and was able to stop the sale date and negotiate a successful agreement. Once again thank you. I personally recommend that you give Loan Lawyer a call for a representation that goes above and beyond what others do. Sincerely Lesther”

Lesther Trujillo

Thank You!

“My case was a foreclosure case. The bank said they never received my payments, when the documentation was clear that they had. They then filed a foreclosure. This case was handled well and the first part was won! My attorneys kept me well informed and I never had any doubt that they were working hard for me. I am not worried about the upcoming part two.”

Virginia G

Thank you both for your excellent services.

“I have received the signed loan docs and also the notice of voluntary dismissal on 5/21/15. I just wanted to thank you both for your excellent services with this matter.”

Fabiana Milea

You are doing a very good job!

“Thank you for everything, to you and your team. Please let’s keep in touch. Continue being a great lawyer; you are doing a very good job!”


Appreciation of Your Grand Endeavor and Winnings

“I am more grateful for your email than you can possibly imagine. This has been a very long and hard road for us, and this seems to have been the best possible outcome to avoid future lawsuits and help to clean up our credit. We can only hope the plaintiff will do as promised. My wife and I would be honored to have dinner with you and your wife in appreciation of your grand endeavor and winnings.”

I am a satisfied client, thank you Loan Lawyers!

“My name is Maritza Hernandez, I am a client of Loan Lawyers. My experience has been one of professionalism and humanity as they have dealt with my case, keeping me informed all along the way. I am especially fond of their telephone greeting, “How may we improve your day?” that greeting in deed rings true to the precision with which they perform their professional ethics. I am a satisfied client, thank you Loan Lawyers!”

Maritza Hernandez

You do make a difference in people’s lives!

“Over the years I have enjoyed many gifts, but the best gift has been the sunsets at this spot. Hope you enjoy the picture and remember that you do make a difference in people’s lives.”

I have already recommended your services.

“Thank you for keeping a hand on the wheel and assisting with the closing of the foreclosure case against me. It looked a little dicey a few months back, but the assignment of Edwina to the file was a great step and without a doubt a major contributor to the closing of the case. I have already recommended your services to an associate and will not hesitate to do so again.”

Pierre Johnson

Thank you so much for saving our house!

“Thank you so much for saving our house. I very much appreciate your effort. My dad was really nervous, but I am glad everything turned out okay thanks to you. Living next to the shul means a lot to myself, my brother and all of us.”

Issac Kovack

I would happily recommend this firm to anyone!

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank Michael Citron for his excellent service and performance. About 6 years ago my business was failing and as a result, I fell behind on my mortgage payments. The lender tried to foreclose on my home, and that is when I contacted Loan Lawyers and my case was assigned to Michael. At that time, with my income, I had absolutely no chance to pay my mortgage, even if the lender had offered me one with no interest. I asked Michael to buy me some time hoping my finances would improve. He was able to delay the foreclosure proceedings for over FIVE YEARS until my finances finally turned around. I am currently in the process of modifying the loan and now am in a financial position where I can afford a roof above my head. I would happily recommend this firm to anyone.”

Yoel Bustos

Thank You All for Your Help and Support!

“I would like to thank Loan Lawyers, LLC for the outstanding job they did on helping me save my home. They were very successful in doing there job. I would also like to thank their team in keeping me updated on the process of my house and always explaining to me what was going on with my case. I would recommend them to everybody I know if they need help with there home or any other matters that they could have. They took the time to listen to my matter and worries I had and also helped me out gracefully. If it wasn’t for them fighting for my rights I would have never been able to save my home. So in conclusion, I would like to say to Loan Lawyers, LLC thank you for all your help and support throughout this matter and I would love to do business with them again if I ever need the help again.”

Milagros Mercado

Thank You from the Bottom of Our Hearts

“Thank you Loan Lawyers for what you have done for me. I was about to lose my home from foreclosure, after trying for a long period of time, I thought there was no possible way to save my home. I contacted Loan Lawyers and that was the best choice I could have ever made. My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. G-d Bless you”

Herold Bythol

The people at Loan Lawyers are very professional.

“From the moment I sat down with the lawyer in my first consultation I felt that I found a law firm that could help me to resolve my situation. The people at Loan Lawyers are very professional, accountable, knowledgeable and genuine. I am very happy and pleased with their services and the way they treated me. I would without a doubt recommend Loan Lawyers to anybody. I even remember one day sitting in their office waiting room and another client of theirs told me that I would be very happy with the outcome of my case. A special thanks to everybody,”

Werland Louis

Can’t Thank Them Enough

“The experience with Loan Lawyers has been very good. They have a well prepared team and are well coordinated. I recommend them anyone who needs legal help. I can’t thank them enough and I greatly appreciate them for continuing to fight for my case!”

Alicia Casas

Forever Grateful

“My family and I will be forever gratefully to you Rocky, Mathew and everyone at Loan Lawyers for treating us in a righteous and loving manner. Yes it will be my pleasure to write this testimonial. The words come from the heart as a result of your actions. If I can be of any help in any way, please let me know. It would bring me great joy. Have a Blessed Evening,”

Augistine P.

Pleasant, Kind, Courteous and Made Me Feel Welcome

“The experience with Loan Lawyers has been wonderful! Everything was done in a timely manner. I would recommend anyone who comes across a situation as I did. I think you all did an awesome job. Visiting the Delray Office was very pleasant, kind, courteous and they made me feel welcome/ I appreciate everything you all did for me. Excellent job keep doing the best for people.”

Sharon Charles

Thank you and Loan Lawyers so very much.

“Rocky, Thank you and Loan Lawyers so very much for all your efforts to help me, and for being so patient with me and taking so much of your time when you should be home having dinner with your family. Please feel free to use any of the nice things I said about you. They are all so true. Many thanks again,”

Faith Morford

I am extremely satisfied with the job they have done.

“I placed my trust in Loan Lawyers and whatever they promised me, they delivered. I am extremely satisfied with the job that they have done and I feel very comfortable with Loan Lawyers and their staff. That is the reason why whenever I have any concern, I call without hesitation and I would recommend their services to anyone I know.”

Joseph Darius

I’m at Peace and Grateful

“I’m writing this letter to thank everyone at Loan Lawyers, especially Rocky for being there when my world was crashing down around because of the fear of losing my house. I originally went to the law firm to file bankruptcy after exhausting all I knew to do to save my house; these people gave me hope, filed paperwork to the bank and association and went to court on my behalf. Rocky kept me apprised of every situation and with his help and the other attorneys I was able to stay in my house almost 4 years until I moved, which at that time they helped me with the bankruptcy. This was a difficult time in my life, having to leave my house after almost 20 years but Rocky, Alex, Mr. Bavaro and the people that worked there made it easier and for that I’m at peace and grateful.”

Lynda Johnson

Made it Quick and Easy

“I hired Loan Lawyers to fight a credit card case for me. They won the case and made it quick and easy, I would recommend Loan Lawyers to anyone who is thinking about hiring them.””

Lysaunder H.

Loan Lawyers got me out of it owing nothing.

“I had a credit card debt for over ten thousand dollars and Loan Lawyers got me out of it owing nothing. Everything they did for me in this case was perfect and I appreciate what they did for me.”

Nicolas E.

I didn’t have to give the debt collectors anything!

“I went to loan lawyers to help with a credit card lawsuit and everything was resolved in a great way, they fought back for me against the debt collection company. I didn’t have to give the debt collectors anything!”

Yaakov S.

Diligent Team!

“I hired a lawyer who did nothing on my foreclosure case for about one year. The bank was going for a summary judgement and I got scared, so I went to about 4 lawyers for advice. I was so happy I chose these lawyers. They showed me how the bank had a forgery on a document that was “signed” by the vice president of the bank. They told me more in 15 minutes about my case than my former lawyer did in 1 year. These lawyers went to court and ended up winning my summary judgement hearing and are now going after the bank. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!”

Former Client

Excellent Lawyer and Firm

“Matthew and his firm are knowledgeable when it comes to Foreclosures. He is honest and efficient and knows what has to be done. He is kind and considerate and listens to the clients every concern. He is then able to consolidate those concerns into the simplification required in the courtroom to win. Although I had great paperwork with regard to my case, I dont think I would have won without Matthew and his firms expertise…Kudos Mr Bavarro and your staff”


I am so Happy I Called Matthew.

“I am so happy I called Matthew at Loan Lawyers. They did such a great job for me. The bank was about to sell my house and they got the sale cancelled. They got my interest rate lowered on my first mortgage to 2.5 and are working to eliminate my second mortgage. I literally went from living a nightmare to sleeping again. IF YOU ARE IN TROUBLE, THESE ARE THE LAWYERS YOU WANT ON YOUR SIDE.”

Former Client

You were Great

“Nicole from Loan Lawyers did a marvelous job for me. I am not an easy person to deal with or to satisfy, but Nicole, you were great. Thanks so much.”

The Real Deal!

“Bavaro is the real deal. He was always honest and never made promises, but was cautiously optimistic. He kept us well informed and led us through our case step by step right up to our court date. Then he won our case for us and was as happy as we were at the outcome. He is caring, compassionate and talented. We will always be grateful for Matthew and his wonderful staff!”

I Recommend Loan Lawyers

“I recommend Loan Lawyers. They met with me and my wife and came up with a great plan to save our home which we are working on doing. I called other law firms and could not even get an attorney on the phone,. The Loan Lawyers staff is extremely nice and helpful.”


I am very satisfied with Matthew’s services.

“I am very satisfied with Matthew’s services. He is very aggressive and at the same time really cares about his clients. He gives his client’s his cell number in case they need to reach him at any time. Me and my family are grateful for everything he has done for us.”


Very Happy

“I met with two lawyers from loan lawyers when I first went. I was impressed by how many people they have working there. My only issue is that I live in Hialeah and their closest office was in NMB. It was a bit of a drive. They were very thorogh in explaining my options and took the time to explain every thing to me.”

An Excellent Law Firm!

“Loan Lawyers and Matthew Bavaro are excellent! My wife and I have been extremely satisfied with the service we have received from the very first day we met with him! We have all the confidence in the world that he and his staff will get us the results we are seeking. Their service has been fantastic – they get back to us when we have questions, they keep us informed about our case and they are always accessible when we need them. From day one, Matthew explained the entire process and was very honest with us about expectations – and we so appreciated that as we discussed the options to stay in our home. We would absolutely recommend Loan Lawyers to anyone! They have been a tremendous help to us!”

Matthew Bavaro is a Great Lawyer

“I have used Matthew several times over the past 10 years. He is always honest, straightforward and tells it like it is. I have referred many people to him over the years and everyone always thanks me for sending Matthew there way.”


Bavaro is great!

“I met Matthew Bavaro 6 months ago. Thus far he went to court and was able to stop the foreclosure by finding improper filing on the part of the lender. This is time that we needed to prepare our case and to qualify for a loan mod. This guy is honest, and good at what he does!”

He saved my house!

“I would really like to thank Jon Benjamin of Loan Lawyers for all his professional and hard work on my recent foreclosure proceedings he made me feel as though this was his home he was fighting for gave me all the updates what’s going on what to expect and all the other options that was available to my particular case words cannot describe how appreciative me and my family are to him and all the personal that work on our case. Mr. Benjamin with his aggressive litigation was able to defeat the bank and saved my house. I would recommend Mr. Jon Benjamin & Loan Lawyers to any of my family, friends. Thank you Jon and Loan Lawyers for giving my house back to our family.”

Nadine Teachman

Loan Lawyers did an amazing job for me!

“My friend told me to call Loan Lawyers after they helped saved her house. I was one week from my house being sold. Thet set me up in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy which stopped the sale and is getting rid of my second mortgage so my payments are affordable again. I can not say enough how much I appreciate the help you gave me. Thank you so much. I highly recommend using Loan Lawyers and Matthew Bavaro.”