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Read some of our firms success stories to learn how we’ve helped over 5,000 families find solutions to their struggles with debt. We’ve saved over 2,000 homes in South Florida from foreclosure and eliminated over $100 million in mortgage principal and consumer debt, and have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. Helping our clients move forward with financial stability is our priority, so we fight to win. For experienced and skilled help with bankruptcy matters, get in touch with Loan Lawyers today!

We Beat Specialized Loan Serving in Last Week’s Miami-Dade Foreclosure Trial

Another happy Miami-Dade foreclosure client. Our foreclosure defense lawyers beat Specialized Loan Servicing (“SLS”) at last week’s Miami-Dade foreclosure trial. The plaintiff was Wells Fargo as trustee of some securitized trust, but SLS was the servicer. I actually thought that this case would be an easy win, but we had to work really hard to achieve this result. The foreclosure trial went on for many hours. We were successful in keeping out much of the bank’s evidence, but they got in much of what they needed to win the case.

The bank still had to admit the loan payment history and the default letter. They were both prepared by the prior loan servicer, Bank of America. The bank’s witness worked for SLS, not Bank of America. He was very honest and admitted he did not know anything about Bank of America’s business practices. Based upon this, our foreclosure lawyers argued to that the loan payment history is hearsay and inadmissible. The bank argued that it was admissible under the “business records exception”. I pointed out to the court that these were the records of Bank of America, not SLS and without testimony and Bank of America’s record keeping practices the loan history is inadmissible. I argued case that support my position such as Glarum and Yang. The court disagreed with my position (much to my surprise) and allowed in the loan payment history. Things looked pretty bleak at that point because the last thing the bank needed to win was to get the default letter into evidence and if the court allowed in the loan payment history prepared by Bank of America, it seemed likely she would admit the default letter. However, like any good trial lawyer, you never give up.

After my voir dire of the witness on the default letter, much to my delight, the court kept it out of evidence. This was the last few minutes of the trial and was a huge victory. Without this letter in evidence, the bank could not prove that it met the condition precedent. The bank did not take a voluntary dismissal at that point and they rested their case. I asked the court to involuntarily dismiss the case because they failed to prove that they properly accelerated the loan. The court agreed and involuntarily dismissed the case.

By the way, when you read other attorneys’ website who claim to be foreclosure fighters, how many of them actually post the court’s findings so you can see for yourself?

The best part of this case is that my client is an 88 year old woman. How in the world could I ever break the news to this elderly woman she has to leave her house because the bank won? Thank G-d I did not have to tell her that I got to share the great news that we won! There’s no questions about it, I love representing homeowners. Of our 5 trials so far this year, we have won/dismissed 4 of them. I head to Flagler County for trial tomorrow. This is going to be a busy year for trials!

This was actually my second trial last week with SLS. On the first trial, the bank knew they had evidentiary problems, so rather than risk a loss, they took a voluntary dismissal.

If you have a trial set on your foreclosure case, you need to find a great trial lawyer NOW. Do not go to trial on your own, you will almost certainly lose. If you have an foreclosure defense attorney, make sure that they are a trial attorney who knows their way around a courtroom. Our foreclosure lawyers are available for a free consultation in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. Call us NOW at (844) 344-4813.

Another Big Principle Reduction and Another House Saved

We just scored another bog principle reduction for a foreclosure client. As always, we try to post results online so that you can see them for yourself. How many other foreclosure lawyers are doing that? Advertising is one thing, putting your results out there for the world to see is another.

The principal balance on this loan went from $136,000 (the original loan amount) to $55,000. I’m too tired to figure out the exact percentage, but its pretty stellar. The interest rate went from 8.724% to 2% for 5 years, then 3.32% for the remainder of the loan. This is not a new 30 or 40 year term, the modification keeps the current maturity date.

Overall, the principle and interest payment went from $1020.25 to $238.68. Again, I’m too tired to do the math right now, but percentage-wise, it’s rather significant. Kudos to our foreclosure lawyers for getting this done.

Results like this are never guaranteed and are not always easy to achieve, but if you want to have any chance of getting a result like this, you need to find a law firm that has a proven track record and a reputation for being fighters and not being afraid to go toe-to-toe with the banks and their liars, I mean lawyers.

Another Big Principle Reduction for a Foreclosure Client!

This client was in foreclosure since 2009. The bank would not give a principle reduction. They offered a modification previously that was a new 40 year term and did not offer any principle reduction. The client rightfully turned it down and instructed us to continue to pound away.

The bank finally relented and offered to reinstate the loan (not a new 40 year term) taking the interest rate from 10.99% to 3.83% and reducing the principle from the original amount of $275,000 to $139,000.

This equates to approximately a 60% principle reduction!

This client lived in the home for 3 years and made no mortgage payments during that time. The balance before the loan modification was over $300,000 due to unpaid interest and other fees and costs.

The only catch is that we have to release them from liability under the Truth in Lending Act and any other cause of action we have against them. For a $160,000+ principle reduction, no problem! This is further proof that you need a law firm that will sue the bank when appropriate and will actually fight, not just delay your foreclosure.

If you are facing a foreclosure in Broward, Miami-Dade, or Palm Beach county, we are ready to fight for you as well. We offer free consultations with our foreclosure lawyers in Fort Lauderdale / Plantation, Delray Beach, Coral Gables, and North Miami Beach. Call us today for your free consultations with one of our Florida foreclosure defense lawyers at (844) 344-4813.

Loan Lawyers Helps Client Get All Her Money Back
Bank Reimbursement

Client came to office after having her house sold because of the bank’s failure to stop her sale while she was approved for a FINAL modification. The Client was forced to pay thousands of dollars to a third party to get her home back. She paid the money to keep the roof over her head, but it was money she simply didn’t have. We then got involved, demanded the bank reimburse her all the money she had to spend to get back her home. The bank refused. We sued them in Federal Court and eventually were able to get her back more than what she paid and have all of her attorney’s fees and costs paid for as well.

Loan Lawyers Just Saved Our Clients $200,000!

Plaintiff, Bank of New York Mellon, Trustee…for CWALT, Inc., Alternative Loan Trust 2006-HY13… filed a complaint against Julian Siegel on September 30, 2011. We retained the clients on October 07, 2013, after prior Defense Counsel stepped out of the case. Case proceeded through normal litigation, including Defendant’s Discovery, and several attempts at a deposition. The case was set for trial, however the trial was continued and eventually placed on inactive status.

The clients wanted to retain their property and were interested in a payoff. Opposing counsel and Plaintiff initially would not consider any offers for a short payoff and were requesting over $1,000,000.00. Plaintiff was basing their BPO’s on an exterior/drive by appraisal and outdated comps within the area. Client was not willing to pay for a full payoff since the house was damaged and he could purchase a newer/bigger/better home elsewhere for the same money.

After several rounds of negotiating, opposing counsel and the Plaintiff finally agreed to an interior inspection to help calculate a new BPO. After the inspection, Plaintiff readjusted their expectations for what they would recover at REO and agreed to a full payoff at $827,000.00. Client was thrilled and was able to come up with the funds. Client completed the wire transfer for a payoff on 2/26/16. We are currently awaiting for from Plaintiff about dismissing the action, releasing the LP and recording a satisfaction of mortgage.

Another Big Score – $241,000 Principle Reduction – 70% Off

Talk about a holiday gift! Another great job by the Loan Lawyers team and another house saved. This client received an immediate and permanent reduction in principle of over $241,000 representing an approximately 70% principle reduction.

The interest rate went from 9.9% to 2.375% for 5 years then 3.375% for the next 24 years. Notice that this was not a new 30 or 40 year term, but the remaining term under the loan.

The payment went from $2,097.39 to $467.32 for principle and interest. That equates to an almost 80% reduction in payments. Short of a mortgage that gets wiped out, it just doesn’t get any better than this. There’s no guarantee that anyone would get a result such as this, but to have a fighting chance, you need a law firm that knows how to fight.

If you are trying to choose a lawyer in Florida to represent you in your foreclosure proceedings, wouldn’t you want the firm with the reputation as fighters on your side? Call today for your free consultation with one of our foreclosure lawyers at one of our offices located in Broward, Miami-Dade, or Palm Beach counties.

Lucky 7
Foreclosure Dismissed

Clients retained our services in October 2010 to assist them in the defense of their foreclosure lawsuit. After exploring multiple loss mitigation options, the homeowners wanted to sell the property in a short sale. After multiple issues we were able to over come, cancelling the sale for the seventh time seemed to pose a huge challenge as the clients only needed an additional two weeks to close. Not only were we able to overcome the sale date, but the clients were able to successfully close in the short sale transaction and Plaintiff filed their Motion to vacate the final judgment and dismiss the foreclosure lawsuit today.

Another Big Trial Win for Loan Lawyers
Foreclosure Cancelled

Client came to us with a “standard” foreclosure action. Original Plaintiff, BAC Home Loans Servicing filed their initial complaint which included only one court for foreclosure. However, several months later, the Plaintiff sought leave to substitute the party Plaintiff to Bank of America and amend the complaint to include a reformation of mortgage count. We specifically denied the reformation relief in our Answer and Affirmative Defenses, to which Plaintiff did not file a response.

The case proceeded to trial and almost no objections were made by the Defendant. Without much fight, all the proffered exhibits were entered into evidence. Strategically, this worked in the client’s favor, as this threw opposing counsel off and the Plaintiff failed to put into evidence anything regarding the reformation. After resting, the Court granted the Defendant’s Motion for Involuntary Dismissal based on a failure to reform the legal description in the Mortgage. More specifically, the Trial Court found that the Plaintiff’s witness admitted that the legal description was incorrect and refused to reform or grant a foreclosure on the “wrong” property.

Plaintiff attempted a motion for rehearing, which was denied. Finally, Plaintiff appealed to the 4th DCA. The crux of their argument consisted of a prior agreed order amending their complaint which included the language of correct legal description. While this agreed order was never raised at trial, it still presented a unique issue on appeal – could the appellate court correct the reformation issue because the Defendant technically “agreed” to what the correct legal description is. Thankfully, we were able to distinguish this scenario and show the Appellate Court that raising this issue for the first time on appeal and not at trial was improper while also persuading the Appellate Court to agree that the agreed order does not change Plaintiff’s burden to prove the reformation count.

While we can probably expect another foreclosure attempt down the road, for the time being the client defeated the Plaintiff at trial, successfully defended their appeal and presently is not in foreclosure.

Musings from Last Week’s Trial Against Wells Fargo

I was in trial last week against Wells Fargo for a foreclosure case. There were 90 foreclosure cases set for trial last week. The bank made the standard offer to everyone that if you agree to the foreclosure, they will allow the homeowner to stay in the house for another 90 days. Believe it or not, I was the only lawyer who turned the deal down and actually went to bat for my client. Why don’t more lawyers go trial on these cases?

I thought the trial went well. Wells Fargo put their witness on the stand and she did not hold up under cross-examination. I had her eating right out of my hand. We had several defenses in this case. First that the Notice of Acceleration was defective. I always fight hard to keep these out of evidence. The witness admitted that she has no knowledge about the department that sends those letters out. In my head I was dancing for joy because without this knowledge, the letter should not come in to evidence. Much to my surprise the court allowed it into evidence. He also allowed the records from the prior servicer into evidence after the witness testified that she had no knowledge of the record keeping practices of the prior servicer and that she was not their record custodian. The judge admitted it was a problem but allowed it into evidence anyway. I was definitely surprised by that ruling.

We also argued that the mortgage was defective because it was missing the paragraph that said that the mortgage was securing a debt. The bank actually had a count to reform their mortgage in their complaint but they failed to introduce any evidence of this whatsoever. The court acknowledged the fact that they failed to meet that burden. I want to find more trials for reformation of mortgage because the homeowners should be able to win most of them. Often the bank that is trying to foreclose is not the originating lender. In order to reform the mortgage, the court must find that the two original parties made a mutual mistake. Some servicer that is second or third down the line will not have personal knowledge of what the original lender intended.

Ultimately the court did not rule on the trial. The judge wanted time to review everything to make his decision. Meanwhile, I have a bunch more trials coming up in the next two months.

If you are in foreclosure and have a foreclosure trial coming up, get a trial lawyer on your side now before its too late. There are some great defenses to beat the bank, but you need to find a lawyer that knows how to try a case. Our foreclosure lawyers offer free consultations in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties.