Pitfalls of the Do-It-Yourself Approach: The Legal Viewpoint


There is no question that YouTube, HGTV and other such programs have sparked the imagination and encouraged the prevalence of a “do-it-yourself” or DIY approach. You can literally find anything online from the best way to give yourself a haircut to building a house in a matter of seconds. With so much information at your fingertips, it is easy to forget that not because you have seen or read about how to do something that you should put that theoretical knowledge into practice. This advice applies to everything from the electrical, medical and legal fields.

DIY Legal Representation

One of the most common areas in which the DIY mindset strikes is in credit card cases particularly, where the plaintiff is a debt buyer. A debt buyer is an entity that purchases charged off or defaulted debts from the original creditor in the hopes of collecting from the debtor. From researching online, DIY defendants in debt buyer cases are struck by 1) the unscrupulous conduct of particular debt buyers; 2) the fact that the debt was purchased for pennies on the dollar, and 3) other issues related to the business model and practices of the debt buyer. While many of the assertions and debt buyer related horror stories online are likely true, it is frequently more detrimental to focus on the debt buyer’s business model and general conduct instead of the particulars of the case. This has led to numerous DIY defendants who have acted as their own attorneys later regretting it when their assertions fall on deaf ears, a judgment has been entered against them and they are now at risk of having their wages or bank accounts garnished for a debt that has ballooned from the original outstanding balance.

When faced with a legal problem, it is best to have an experienced legal professional diagnose the problem and determine the best course of treatment. There may be ways that an attorney experienced in debt-buyer cases may be able to get the debt buyer case dismissed and you may even have a counterclaim or case against the debt-buyer for violation of your consumer protection rights. If you act as your attorney, you may negatively impact the probability of achieving any of these results. The same is true for settlement. We suggest that you NEVER settle with a debt buyer without discussing your case with an attorney. We have seen consumers who have entered into agreements with creditors and several years of consistently making payments still owe the same amount as they did at the time they made the agreement.

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