Pompano Beach Foreclosure Attorneys

Pompano Beach Foreclosure Lawyers

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners are served with foreclosure notices each year and can potentially lose their homes. Life can happen fast at times and unforeseen expenses can often lead to the inability to pay the mortgage on time. At Loan Lawyers, we understand that a home is the most important investment both financially and sentimentally. If you have received a notice of foreclosure, contact us immediately to schedule a legal consultation. Our Pompano Beach foreclosure attorneys provide exceptional foreclosure defense that can help homeowners stay in their properties.

When it comes to foreclosure cases, there is only one way to ensure your rights to your home. You will need a qualified and skillful Pompano Beach foreclosure lawyer to help strategize an effective defense that will allow to you retain the legal rights to your residence.

Pompano Beach Foreclosure Defense

Our Pompano Beach foreclosure defense team will be behind you every step of the way and come up with a proper defense to prevent the foreclosure from moving forward. Our team of experts is skilled in various Pompano Beach foreclosure defense tactics and techniques. We will explore a range of defenses that may be associated with your specific case including:

Initial Discovery Process

When we first take on a foreclosure case, our team of Pompano Beach foreclosure lawyers performs an initial discovery process where we review any and all materials related to your case. This includes going over the original contract, any refinancing papers, payment receipts, and any other special documents pertaining to the case. This process is when we begin negotiations with your lender.

Mortgage Modification

Our team of Pompano Beach foreclosure lawyers will negotiate on your behalf with your banker or lender to try and modify the mortgage terms to fit your financial situation better. There are various avenues we can take when it comes to changing the terms.

We will look into reducing your monthly payment amount so that the rates are more affordable. We will also take a look at the current interest rate and work on getting that reduced. We can try to adjust the loan’s initial amount to something more suitable for your financial picture. Our team is also experienced in getting any late fees forgiven. Another common route is to adjust the timeline of the loan so that you have more time to repay the full amount. In addition, there are circumstances that will allow you to put a temporary hold on your loan payments until you are financially more stable.

At Loan Lawyers, we have helped many homeowners defeat their foreclosure case and retain their assets and property. If a mortgage modification is not an option for your case, there are many other ways in which you can still beat a foreclosure case.

File for Bankruptcy

There are times when a homeowner is unable to repay their mortgage but are still looking to retain their home. This often results in filing for bankruptcy – either filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 depending on your specific situation.

Proper Documentation

Lenders must present important documents and materials, such as original contract copies and payment receipts during a foreclosure case. If they are unable to provide the necessary documentation, then they are prohibited from moving forward with the foreclosure case. There are also times when banks can make mistakes and accidentally deposit a payment into the wrong account or simply forget to track payments properly. This will also prevent lenders from following through with the foreclosure case.

Loan Withdrawal

If you recently refinanced your house, you may be eligible to request a loan withdrawal. This essentially means that you are giving up the loan and will be reimbursed for any previous payments or late penalties. This is usually an option if the mortgage or refinanced mortgage was signed within three years.

Potential Fraud

Fraudulent activity by lenders is more common than people think. Our Pompano Beach foreclosure attorneys can help to investigate fraud by lenders including:

  • Hidden fees that were not made clear at the time of signing
  • Frequent refinancing of mortgage
  • High interest rates that make paying off your mortgage unattainable
  • Targeting which may include signing elderly folks to a mortgage that they do not fully understand

Experienced Pompano Beach Foreclosure Lawyers

At Loan Lawyers, our Pompano Beach foreclosure defense attorneys are focused on providing the best legal representation for our clients. Your case matters to us, and we will use our unique combination of skills, dedication, and experience to provide the necessary defense so that you can retain your home.  We have years of experience in successfully representing Pompano Beach homeowners with exceptional foreclosure defense.

When we take on a foreclosure case, we begin by conducting a one-on-one meeting with the client to develop an understanding of the situation and to learn about all the details surrounding the case. We will be sure to look for items like fraud, violation of terms and conditions, or a breach in contract to use as a foundation for solid foreclosure defense.

Skillful Lender Negotiation

Our Pompano Beach foreclosure attorneys specialize in negotiation and have dealt with various lenders over the years during foreclosure cases. Our team of foreclosure lawyers in Pompano Beach have expert negotiation skills and are dedicated to the best interests of our clients. We have helped Pompano Beach homeowners modify the terms of their mortgages by reducing interest rates and/or reducing the principal.

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