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It can be very frustrating when you are constantly being nagged by debt collection agencies at all hours of the day. It can also be very stressful when you have been served with a credit card lawsuit. Many individuals who have been faced with a debt lawsuit tend to just go through the motions and do not try to contest the lawsuit. However, there are actually many ways in which you can fight a credit card lawsuit and even have the case dropped.

When you hire our Broward debt defense attorneys, you can be assured that they know what we are doing. We have an impressive record of success when it comes to beating debt lawsuits. We have a very qualified and experienced team of Broward debt lawyers that have handled many different cases and situations when it comes to credit card lawsuits.

We work around the clock to fights for your rights with our ultimate objective being to see your credit card lawsuit thrown out in the court of law. Our debt relief lawyers in Broward will also go that extra mile and do our very best to achieve more than just getting your lawsuit dropped. We will also work to help boost your credit score again; work to get your outstanding debt completely forgiven; and,  work to get you additional funds for costs you incurred during the lawsuit.

Broward Debt Defense Lawyers

Our team of Broward debt defense lawyers includes individuals that used to work for credit card companies. Our debt lawyers in Broward are fully aware of processes and procedures taken by the credit card companies and their respective law firms for these types of lawsuits. This allows us access to knowledge that most other people do not have. For example, we know that the law firms hired by credit card companies typically file these types of lawsuits at extremely fast rates. This is because most people do not contest these lawsuits when facing them; so it is an easy win for the credit card companies and the associated law firms. However, when lawsuits are filed this quickly, they are often prone to mistakes such as negligence.

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Because we know how stressful credit card lawsuits can be, we only offer our clients affordable, flat rates, along with payment plan options, so that they can feel a peace of mind during the process. In addition, our Broward debt defense attorneys only work on a contingency basis, and this means that you are not responsible for any costs or fees until we have beat your lawsuit for you.

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Do not hesitate to call our expert debt defense lawyers in Broward if you have been faced with a credit card lawsuit. If you are growing tired of the nonstop phone calls from debt collection agencies, then calling Loan Lawyers is your next best move. We will make sure that you have the right team standing behind you during the entire process.

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