Financial problems are one of the leading causes of divorce in America. It is not hard to see how money issues and debt cause stress, and stress is, without a doubt, harmful to any relationship. Not all debt is caused by mismanagement of money, but clashing money management styles can certainly lead to many arguments and ultimately be quite harmful... Read More


A monetary judgment once entered, gives the judgment creditor the right to seek to collect the amounts due. After the entry of the judgment[1], the creditor in many cases, may not make an immediate attempt to collect or may go a long time without making any collection effort. Lack of collection activity does not mean, however, that the judgment is... Read More


Repaying Creditors Prior to Bankruptcy

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It is commonly believed that consumers tend to show long-term loyalty to the first company that offers them a credit card. It may be for this reason that college campuses have become prime grounds for credit card companies to entice students into debt. In circumstances where the default is being contemplated, loyalty to one creditor over the other may translate... Read More

fraudulent accounts

In this era of data breaches and stolen identity, it is not uncommon to receive the dreaded call or letter stating that someone has opened a credit card or line of credit in your name. While informing the creditor that the account does not belong to you is a necessity, it is not the only necessary step. Commonly, after an... Read More


Victory for Identity Theft Victims

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A good decision came out recently in the Seventh Circuit, the case of Loja v. Main Street Acquisition Corporation.  The issue it considered is fairly well settled in Florida but it is always good to see normal members of the public prevail anywhere. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or “FDCPA” is a law which protects members of the public... Read More

debt collection

Most forms of debt have what is called a “statute of limitations”, a date after which a lawsuit to collect the debt will fail because the debt is too old, if the allegation that the debt is too old is proven in court.  Many local courts have held that it is unlawful to threaten a lawsuit or file a lawsuit... Read More

consumer protection

A great opinion came out of the Second District Court of Appeals recently, the case of Katrina Bushnell v. Portfolio Recovery Associates, Case No. 2D17-429.  Portfolio is what is commonly called a “debt buyer” and anyone who has read our blogs knows our office has had a great deal of success fighting cases with debt buyers for our clients.  ... Read More


Florida Statutes §702.12, Coming on October 1, 2018, May Create a Streamlined Foreclosure Procedure against Borrowers who have Previously Filed for Bankruptcy Protection If you are a borrower who has previously filed for bankruptcy protection and you are now potentially looking at possible foreclosure action by your lender after October 1, 2018, you need to take note.  Senate Bill No.... Read More


We’re being told that the economy overall has been improving and that the jobless rate has dropped to a multi-year low.  From this type of encouraging economic statistics you might think that the foreclosure crisis has finally reached its end but unfortunately, we are now seeing statistics that show that foreclosure filings in Florida for July were up 35% over... Read More

341 meeting

When you file for bankruptcy relief in Fort Lauderdale, or throughout Florida,  you are required to attend a 341 Meeting of Creditors. This meeting gives the trustee administering your bankruptcy case an opportunity to verify your identity, income, expenses, and to confirm that you disclosed all of your assets and debts in your bankruptcy petition. The trustee will do this... Read More