Preventing Identity Theft, Part 2

identity theft

As identity theft grows in the country, it is important for consumers to protect their personal information and credit. The harm caused by identity theft is long-lasting. The attorneys at Loan Lawyers can help any victim of identity theft repair their credit. Here is the second part of an article listing tips for avoiding identity theft:

  • Regularly scrutinize bank and credit card statements. After receiving bank and credit card statements, account holders should examine them for any unauthorized charges. Individuals should immediately contact their bank or credit card company if there are any indications of fraudulent activity.
  • Use passwords that are difficult for others to decipher. Repeating the same password for every account is never a good idea. While it may be easier to use the same password for all accounts, it also makes it more vulnerable to discovery by identity thieves. Impersonal, meaningless words used in combination with letters and numbers that are not birthdays or high school graduation years are optimal.
  • Protect physically accessible information. A purse or wallet should always be kept secure whenever in the company of strangers. Purses with zippers are best. Mail should not be left in a mailbox for extended periods of time and should be retrieved as soon as possible. If a mailbox is unlocked, any outgoing mail or packages should be brought to the post office or to a drop box.

Copies of important documents such as credit cards and identification cards should be kept in a safe place if not in a physical safe or safe deposit box. A list of contact phone numbers should be kept if it is necessary to close accounts or obtain replacement items such as a credit card.

Stay tuned to future blogs for more tips for avoiding identity theft!

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