My Car Has Just Been Repossessed – What Should I Do?


If you go into default on your loans or fall behind on payments, your lender may be able to repossess any property associated with the loan or offered as collateral, such as an automobile. In many cases, your lender is permitted to do so and either hold onto the car of sell it and put the proceeds toward paying off your debt. However, if you are concerned that a lender may have acted improperly and seized your car unlawfully, get in touch with our team at Loan Lawyers right away.

Like most people in our day in time, you probably rely heavily on your personal vehicle and are greatly inconvenienced without it. If you believe your lender has taken your car unfairly, it is important that you act right away in order to prevent further problems.

Deficiency Balances

A deficiency balance is one problem you may experience if you lender repossesses your car. When your lender seizes your car and sells it but the total proceeds are not enough to cover the total amount owed, they may opt to sue you for the remaining balance. In some cases, a lender may not sell a vehicle for a reasonable price or in an acceptable fashion, thereby causing there to be a deficiency balance, in which case you may need to take legal action against your lender in order to avoid being unfairly sued.

How to Get Your Car Back From a Lender

One of the simplest ways to get your car back is by redeeming it, or purchasing it from the lender. If you have the funds to do so, redeeming your automobile will also mean paying for all the cost incurred by the lender in the process of repossession. You can also get your car back by reinstating your loan and continuing to make agreed-upon payments. (This option also requires you to reimburse your lender for repossession costs.)

One more extreme way of regaining your automobile involves filing for bankruptcy. If you are able to file for bankruptcy before your lender sells your car, there will be an automatic stay put on your major assets, which will keep your lender from selling it (at least until they get court approval to sell).

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We are committed to fighting for the rights of our friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens in South Florida and are not afraid to go up against lenders who behave improperly or treat their debtors unfairly. If you feel your lender has behaved in a manner that is in any way inappropriate or unlawful, call Loan Lawyers immediately.

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