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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy form

While debt can be managed, sometimes it can get out of control. If you are in this boat and owe an immense amount of debt that you are struggling to pay off in your current situation, then you should consider other relief options.

A viable option that should be considered when trying to take back control of your finances is bankruptcy. Life is unpredictable and many things happen that cannot be foreseen, where large amounts of funds are required – ultimately leading to massive debt. Even just earning low wages, but having high demands in personal lives can lead to large amounts of credit card debt for people. No matter what it is, Loan Lawyers is here to help individuals throughout the South Florida region file for bankruptcy and become financially stable again.

Our Miami Gardens Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Guide You

We know bankruptcy can be thought of in a negative way due to the wrong assumptions out there; however, it is actually a right and a way for U.S. citizens to have a second chance at dealing with their financial burdens.

Our bankruptcy attorneys in Miami Gardens can help guide you through the bankruptcy process and have years of experience in all chapters of bankruptcy:

Chapter 7

  • Who Can File? Individuals, partners, or corporations that have small incomes, but large debts
  • How Does it Work? First, you take and pass a Means Test (compares income vs. debt), then you will sell any nonexempt assets to pay back creditors. By doing this, the rest of your debt is dismissed. Usually, most valuables are able to be kept, such as homes and cars.

Chapter 13

  • Who Can File? Individuals who have more of an ability to pay back their debts; Also called “Reorganization Bankruptcy”
  • How Does it Work? Individuals go to court and receive a revised payment plan that usually lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 years to repay their debt. However, other actions can occur such as reduced overall debt or lower monthly payments.

Chapter 11

  • Who Can File? Small business owners or individuals with high incomes and substantial debt
  • How Does it Work? Usually a plan of reorganization to help keep business alive and repay debts over time

Loan Lawyers is here to help determine the best chapter for you to file under based on your financial picture and needs. We do this by thoroughly looking over your finances and recommending the chapter that best fits your situation.

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With over 100 years of combined experience in South Florida with helping individuals overcome their financial issues, Loan Lawyers has proven that we are the right team for the job. Bankruptcy can be an intimidating process, and that is why our experienced attorneys are here to help get you through the entire process and back on your feet.

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