Have You Received a Debt Collection Letter From Any Debt Collectors? If so, Please Call us Immediately!

man reading debt collection notice letterman reading debt collection notice letter

It has been revealed that as many as 85% of all debt collectors have been unlawfully disclosing people’s information regarding debts to third parties. If you have received any type of debt collection letter, then most likely that debt collector has disclosed information regarding your debt to others unlawfully.

If you have received any type of debt collection letter, please reach out to us for your FREE consultation. You likely have a case that can be brought against that debt collector. The best part is that we take these cases on a contingency fee basis, so there are no fees or costs unless we obtain a recovery for you.

Even better, if we are successful in pursuing a case for you, the debt collector will most likely be ordered to pay the costs of our legal fees, not you! Don’t just sit back and allow your rights to be violated, call Loan Lawyers now for your free consultation.

Just because you may have debt does not give that debt collector the right to violate your privacy. Don’t just take it, fight back! Call Loan Lawyers at 1.888.FIGHT.13 right now for your free case evaluation. You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain, call now.