Student Loan Debt Negotiation & Litigation

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Weighed Down by Student Loan Debt?

Student loan debt in the United States has already passed the $1 trillion mark, and accounts for the second highest form of consumer debt, only surpassed my mortgages. Two thirds of students graduating from colleges and universities in the United States will start their career path with some amount of student loan debt. Unfortunately, like most areas of consumer debt, there are throngs of unscrupulous corporations and individuals that target individuals who are struggling with repaying student debt obligations.

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Debt Collector Violations Under the FDCPA

It has been reported that debt collector violations under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) are often substantially higher while attempting to collect student loan debt than with other kinds of debt. Furthermore, debt collectors will often lie to or deceive consumers about their ability to rehabilitate a student loan that has gone into default. Our Fort Lauderdale debt collection rights attorneys can help you.

Some of the common violations that occur against individuals with student loan debt are:

  • Threats of wage garnishment
  • Deceiving or lying about the options available to get a loan out of default
  • Illegally contacting third parties or family members about student loan debts
  • Giving false or misleading advice that student loans can never be discharged in bankruptcy (it usually is the case, but not always)
  • Filing lawsuits with improper legal standing to do so

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