Commercial Property Foreclosure

foreclosure notice and keys on court tableforeclosure notice and keys on court table

When business owners fall behind on their mortgage payments they run the risk of potentially losing their buildings or commercial properties. Loan Lawyers has extensive experience in helping commercial property owners and developers with foreclosure related matters. Our recipe for success is based on our extensive litigation and trial experience. As a battle proven litigation and trial law firm we have litigated over 2,000 residential and commercial foreclosure cases and have gone to trial more than 200 times. Our reputation for success in the courtroom and at trial puts us in a unique position to maximize leverage and negotiating power for our commercial clients achieving the best possible results for your case, whether that be at trial, negotiations, or through a loan workout.

Our unique litigation model entails a rigorous process of searching for lender negligence, fraud and overreaching at inception, throughout the loan history, and within the default and foreclosure process. Commercial loan originators and servicers frequently breach covenants of good faith and fair dealing and engage in deceptive practices that violate State and Federal commercial lending and loan servicing statutes and regulations. By not only aggressively defending our clients but by going on the offensive and often filing counterclaims or suing banks or commercial lenders we are able to achieve results for our clients where other law firms fall short. Loan Lawyers has successfully defended and prevailed in commercial foreclosure cases utilizing some of the following defenses:

If you are in risk of defaulting on your commercial loan, have defaulted already or have received a notice of foreclosure contact Loan Lawyers today to set up a free consultation with one of our qualified attorneys to find out more about how we can help you. 1 888 344-4813.