Weston Foreclosure Attorneys

Foreclosure is prevalent across the country but Florida is one of the leading states with the highest foreclosure rates. When a homeowner falls behind on mortgage payments or is no longer able to afford the mortgage payments, a lender will send out a foreclosure notice.  Homes are the most valuable asset for most people and there is a significant amount of sentimental value attached to it. A home is a part of our identities and losing it can be devastating. At Loan Lawyers, our team of Weston foreclosure attorneys is focused on helping homeowners retain their homes with experienced and proven defense.

Experienced Weston Foreclosure Lawyers

Loan Lawyers is one of the leading law firms providing foreclosure defense in Weston and throughout all of South Florida.No situation or scenario is too much for our team of Weston foreclosure lawyers. Our foreclosure lawyers have experience with court proceedings, lender negotiation, mortgage withdrawals, and loan modifications. We look into all aspects of the foreclosure, including any breaches of contract or negligent activity on your lender’s end.

Weston Foreclosure Defense

At Loan Lawyers, our foreclosure attorneys in Weston take a varied approach with foreclosure cases.

Lender Negotiation

Negotiating with lenders is one of our areas of expertise. We are able to represent you and negotiate with your lender on the terms of your mortgage. Here, we will explore different avenues with which could result in your foreclosure case being dropped.

Mortgage Modification

Mortgage modifications can vary depending on the type of loan you have, the length of repayment for the loan, how much you have already put into the loan, and a few other aspects. We usually try to negotiate better terms for your loan with your lender based on your current financial picture. The objective is to adjust the loan to better accommodate what your current budget can afford.

Mortgages can be modified in a variety of ways depending on the specific situation. Some of the common ways in which a mortgage can be modified include:

  • Reducing monthly payments
  • Extending the time period in which the loan can be repaid
  • Eliminating any fees from late payments in the past
  • Lowering the interest rate
  • Placing a temporary pause on loan payments

While it is possible to modify your mortgage, it can be difficult without the assistance of an experienced Weston foreclosure attorney. At Loan Lawyers, we know how to get the job done right.


Often, filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a way to extend the foreclosure process or prevent it altogether. Our Weston foreclosure attorneys can advise if bankruptcy is the best option for you.

Loan Withdrawal

If you recently refinanced your home, or if you recently signed your mortgage, you may be able to withdraw your loan. If you signed within three years, this is usually a possibility. Our team of foreclosure defense lawyers will look into this as one of the first steps in taking on your foreclosure case.

Materials and Documents Exploration

The state of Florida requires lenders to provide all necessary documentation when filing for foreclosure. If they are unable to provide this, the foreclosure case is dismissed and they are typically unable to file for future foreclosure. Our team will make sure all documentation is provided and that the lenders did not miss or forget anything.

Potential Fraud Investigation

Lenders commit fraud all the time and this can take place by targeting vulnerable individuals that are unaware of what they are signing, like the elderly. It can occur when lenders secretly hike interest rates without homeowners knowing. It can also happen when there is frequent refinancing that is occurring that does not benefit the homeowner in any way. Our team dives into all of these possibilities to make sure that fraud is not occurring with your lender.

Contact Our Weston Foreclosure Attorneys

If you have received a notice of foreclosure, it is highly suggested to contact our team of experienced foreclosure defense attorneys in Weston right away. In Florida, you only have 20 days to answer the foreclosure notice before your house is placed into default.

Contact us at 954-523-HELP (4357) and schedule your legal consultation with our foreclosure attorneys in Weston today.