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Florida consistently ranks in the top 10 for states with the highest foreclosure rates every single year. At Loan Lawyers, we have provided foreclosure defense in Tamarac and throughout South Florida over the years that has helped many homeowners retain their properties. When a property goes into foreclosure, homeowners often feel helpless but our Tamarac foreclosure attorneys have years experience negotiating with lenders and devising unique and proven defense strategies for our clients. It is imperative that you contact us for a consultation as soon as possible because you do not have the luxury of waiting. In the state of Florida, a home will default into foreclosure if the court does not receive an answer to the notice of foreclosure within 20 days.

Experienced Tamarac Foreclosure Attorneys

Our team of Tamarac foreclosure lawyers are fully dedicated and committed to helping our clients retain their homes by providing skilled and experienced counsel. Our team has the experience needed to determine the best defense for your specific case in order to get the foreclosure case dismissed. At Loan Lawyers, we take a detailed approach to reviewing details including any possible breaches in contract or potential fraud by the lender.

Tamarac Foreclosure Defense

At Loan Lawyers, we take a multi-faceted approach to foreclosure defense in Tamarac.

Negotiations with Your Lender

One of our main areas of expertise is lender negotiations. Our Tamarac foreclosure attorneys have negotiated with a variety of lenders over the years to get better solutions for our clients with the goal of retaining homes.

Mortgage Modifications

What many homeowners do not realize is that there is often a way to modify your mortgage so that it benefits you, and you can retain your home. These modifications are usually based upon your current financial situation and how to better accommodate it.

There are various ways in which a mortgage can be modified. One of these includes completely eliminating any previous late penalties that were once instated. Another way involves negotiating reductions for monthly payments. We also look at whether an extension on the loan is feasible. Another avenue is to see if a reduction in the interest of your loan or in your loan’s principal amount is possible. We can also look at whether a temporary pause on payments would be possible under the right circumstances.

It is important to have a team of foreclosure lawyers in Tamarac that have the right combination of experience, resources, and knowledge to provide the appropriate defense in your foreclosure case.

Filing for Bankruptcy

A homeowner may extend or completely stop the foreclosure process by filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Withdrawing Your Loan

Many times, those homeowners who recently refinanced their home are able to withdraw their loan. In fact, even those that recently signed their mortgage may be able to withdraw their loan. This is because loan withdrawal is usually approved if the mortgage was signed within three years. This is an area where Loan Lawyers will evaluate as well.

Missing Materials and Documents

If a lender or banker has misplaced any documents, receipts, or other materials related to your foreclosure case, then the lender is prevented from moving forward with filing the foreclosure. Our team of Tamarac foreclosure defense attorneys will make sure all documents and materials are there. We will also make sure that your lender did not make any mistake such as depositing your payment into another account on accident.

Fraud Investigations

It’s not unusual for lenders to be deceptive or fraudulent with mortgages. We will analyze all documents to make sure your lender is not committing acts of fraud. Suspicious activities can include loan “flipping”, frequent refinancing that hurts the borrower, interest rates that are impossible to reach, any targeting of vulnerable persons, and more.

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