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Miami and the South Florida area, in general, have higher than average foreclosure rates. Usually, when homeowners are informed that they are being foreclosed, they just accept it and give over their rights to their most important asset – their home. At Loan Lawyers, we are here to tell you that there are, in fact, ways to potentially keep your home. With the help of our foreclosure attorneys, your foreclosure case could be dropped or dismissed.

Experienced Pinecrest Foreclosure Attorneys

Our team of Miami foreclosure lawyers puts to use vast expertise and resources when taking on any new case. Having experience with this process is key to witnessing a successful outcome, which is why we have a proven track record in effectively helping Miami homeowners beat their foreclosures. Our team has the strategic knowledge needed to create the best defense for your individual situation in order to keep your most prized possession.

When Loan Lawyers signs on to help you, we make sure to go over every single detail of your case so we can be fully prepared to represent you at our best. We leave no stone unturned as we look at items, such as the timeframe from when you first signed your mortgage loan as well as any possible breaches in your contract and even potential fraud committed by your lenders. By working with our Pinecrest foreclosure attorneys, you can be confident that we will cover every aspect of your case to help you keep your home.

Our top priority when we take on a new client is saving your home from being taken away. Our knowledge of all areas of foreclosure, including any court appearances or proceedings, is key to our success. Rest assured, you can be confident that our foreclosure attorneys have your back.

As the number of foreclosures continue to grow in South Florida, so does the devastation it brings. We know it can flip your life upside down when you lose the rights to your home, so that is why we want to get involved and help you keep your property. If you can no longer afford your mortgage or for whatever reason cannot keep up with payments, give our foreclosure lawyers a call today.

Negotiations with Your Lender

Loan Lawyers is very experienced in this area as we have helped millions of homeowners negotiate with their lenders. We have lots of experience negotiating various scenarios with lenders in order to come up with a mutual agreement that benefits the homeowner. Because we have done this in the past over and over again, we are fully qualified to represent you when negotiating with lenders.

Mortgage Modifications

This is the very first aspect we look at when working to save your home. Lots of times homeowners do not realize that there are often ways to modify your mortgage so that it benefits you and ultimately helps you keep your home. The modifications usually come from your current financial situation and how to better accommodate it.

A mortgage can be modified in different ways. For example, one way is to completely eliminate any previous late penalties that were once instated. Another way is to negotiate reductions for monthly payments. A possible extension on the loan is also looked at. We can also look to see if a reduction in the interest or the loan’s principal amount is a possibility. Lastly, we can also look at a possible pause on payments.

It is important to have a reliable team of foreclosure lawyers representing you against your case. In order to beat your foreclosure case, it takes strategy, experience, and knowledge. At Loan Lawyers, our foreclosure attorneys have all three as well as additional resources to help you save your home.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Another area that our team of Pinecrest foreclosure attorneys is experienced in is bankruptcy. We look at all factors and decide if filing for bankruptcy is the right choice for you. There are times when homeowners file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy but are still able to maintain the rights to their home.

Following the Procedural Due Process

We start every case the same: perform a full, comprehensive review of everything related to the case. This includes all relevant documents and materials. Due to this full discovery process, it usually results in negotiations with the lenders.

Withdrawing Your Loan

A great option to avoid foreclosure could be to withdraw from your loan. This option pertains to homeowners who recently refinanced their home. Loan withdrawal is usually approved if the mortgage was signed within three years.

  • Missing Materials and Documents

If a lender or banker is missing materials or documents related to your case then the lender is required to stop moving forward with the foreclosure filing. Our team of foreclosure attorneys will make sure that all documents and materials are there and that your lender did not make any mistakes.

  • Investigating Any Potential Fraud

While fraud isn’t too common, it does happen. If we notice any discrepancies, we will dig in and get to work to see if your lender or banker is intentionally or unintentionally committing acts of fraud. Some examples of suspicious activity are loan flipping, frequent refinancing that does not benefit the borrower, unattainable interest rates, targeting vulnerable persons, etc.

Contact Our Pinecrest Foreclosure Lawyers Today

If you have received a foreclosure case from your lender and want to explore your options, contact Loan Lawyers today. We will do everything in our power to find the right solution to help you retain your property. Contact us and speak with our team of Pinecrest foreclosure lawyers at 957-523-HELP (4357) for more information.