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Florida is consistently in the top 10 states with the highest foreclosure rates every year. While foreclosure rates have slowed since the recession, there are still tens of thousands of Florida homes in foreclosure every year. Life often happens fast and unexpectedly. Situations that are out of our control can lead to wiped out savings accounts due to emergency expenses and this is, unfortunately, a reality for Pembroke Pines residents, Floridians, and Americans as a whole.

What many homeowners do not always know is that there are ways to avoid foreclosure and keep your valuable assets and property. Typically, a homeowner ends up facing foreclosure because of missed payments. Our Pembroke Pines foreclosure attorneys will stand by your side to help you keep your home and beat your foreclosure case.

At Loan Lawyers, our Pembroke Pines foreclosure defense lawyers are fully committed and dedicated to helping our clients retain their homes. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, we can help you with viable solutions to keep you in your property.

Pembroke Pines Foreclosure Defense

The team that we have here at Loan Lawyers is completely dedicated to serving our clients with the only the best legal representation in Pembroke Pines and surrounding areas. Our Pembroke Pines foreclosure attorneys have successfully handled foreclosure cases for homeowners across South Florida. We are knowledgeable and experienced in providing strategic defense for those facing potential foreclosure on their homes. There are many different types of defense strategies that one can use to avoid foreclosure. Our team of experts will review all of your options and advise on the best one for your specific case.

Modifying Your Mortgage Plan

Loan Lawyers will investigate the possibility of modifying your current mortgage plan. We will both research and negotiate on your behalf with lenders and bankers to try and agree on new terms for your mortgage that better suit you financially.

There are different ways in which a mortgage can be modified including:

  • Lowering the interest rate of your loan
  • Reduce the interest rate of your loan
  • Decrease ongoing monthly payments
  • Reduce your loan’s principal amount
  • Removing any late fees or penalties
  • Put a temporary pause on payments while you save
  • Receive an extension on the owed payments

When going against a foreclosure case, it is necessary to have Pembroke Pines foreclosure attorneys that are both skilled and qualified. This ensures that you will have the proper Pembroke Pines foreclosure defense for your case.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Another option that our Pembroke Pines foreclosure attorneys will look into is whether or not filing for bankruptcy can help you avoid foreclosure. For those that simply cannot make their payments but also want to keep their home, then it may be advisable to file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Reviewing Documents and Materials

Often, banks and lenders may make mistakes when it comes to documentation. This is because they deal with millions of homeowners. Our team of Pembroke Pines foreclosure lawyers will review all documentation, contracts, receipts, and witnesses to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. Often, lenders may lose receipts or notices. These documents are required when filing for foreclosure so if they cannot find one of these items, then it prevents them from being able to file. Lenders also may attribute a payment to the wrong account or simply forget to input the payment. This also may prevent them from being able to file for foreclosure.

Loan Withdrawal

Loans can often be withdrawn within a certain time frame from taking it out. Typically, the timeframe is about three years in most states. If you took out your loan within three years, then you are usually able to request to withdraw it. This also accounts for any refinancing, so make sure you are well aware of when you signed for the loan or refinanced loan. In most cases, you can also recover any interest charges that you acquired.

Fraudulent Activity Investigation

There can be times where lenders or bankers are committing acts of fraud. These fraudulent acts usually occur when lenders are either issuing a loan or collecting payments for a loan and can include loan “flipping”, hidden fees, intolerable interest rates, and more. Sometimes, lenders are accused of targeting susceptible individuals who are unlikely to understand the contracts.

Why Choose Loan Lawyers For Pembroke Pines Foreclosure Defense?

Loan Lawyers is one of the premier law firms specializing in foreclosure in Pembroke Pines and throughout South Florida. Our Pembroke Pines foreclosure attorneys have many years of experience dealing with various foreclosure cases in Pembroke Pines. Below we have outlined some of the major reason as to why you should move forward with Loan Lawyers if you find yourself facing foreclosure:

Viable Alternatives

At Loan Lawyers, we will research your specific case and outline all of the options available to you so that you can keep your home. We will make sure to review each option thoroughly with you and advise you on the most beneficial option that we deem appropriate for your specific foreclosure case.

Negotiation With The Lender

There are times where the lender or bank is open to re-negotiating the mortgage loan to modify it to assist the borrower with financial payments. During these negotiations, the amount of the loan can be reduced, the duration of the payment term for the loan can be modified, or the rate of interest can be altered.

Proven Foreclosure Defense

At Loan Lawyers, our Pembroke Pines foreclosure attorneys strive to find the best resolution for our clients. Our lawyers will study your case thoroughly and come up with viable, long-term solutions for you. If none of the options presented work out for you, we will do our best to beat the foreclosure actions by the lender in the court of law. Our lawyer will represent you in court and go over the details to determine any lender fraud or breach of contract issues.

Contact Our Experienced Pembroke Pines Foreclosure Attorneys

Loan Lawyers helps our clients with foreclosure solutions that are both beneficial for the short-term and the long-term.

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