Miramar Foreclosure Attorneys

Every year, there are countless homeowners in South Florida and throughout the United States that face the threat of foreclosure. While the economy has recovered since The Great Recession, many Americans are still struggling to make ends meet and their homes eventually end up in foreclosure. At Loan Lawyers, our Miramar foreclosure attorneys are fully committed and dedicated to helping homeowners retain their property.

In Miramar, the sad truth of the matter is that many homeowners face foreclosure every day. The number of foreclosure cases is consistently on the rise due to a variety of factors. When a homeowner is faced with a foreclosure case from their lender, it means that legally have to give up the rights to their most cherished asset. In many cases, this is because they have failed to submit the monthly payments in full or have fallen behind completely.

Miramar Foreclosure Defense

The first thing you should do is contact our team of Miramar foreclosure attorneys at Loan Lawyers.

When we first take on a foreclosure case, our team of Miramar foreclosure lawyers will complete an initial in-depth review of every aspect of the case. This includes looking at payment receipts, original contracts and terms, and any other documents or materials that are related to your specific case

Our team of competent and adept Miramar foreclosure lawyers will be able to review your case and determine the best course of defense.

Loan Modifications

Our Miramar foreclosure attorneys have years of experience working with lenders to modify the terms of mortgage loans. We help homeowners by working to

  • Reduce the loan’s interest rate
  • Reduce the monthly payment amounts
  • Reduce the loan’s principal amount
  • Eliminate any late fees or penalties
  • Request a timeline extension
  • Request a temporary pause on payments


If you do not have the proper finances to afford to pay your mortgage, but still want to be able to keep your home in the long-run, then filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy could very well be the best option.

Withdrawing Your Original Loan

For those homeowners who recently refinanced their home or for those that recently signed their mortgage, you may be eligible for early withdrawal of your loan. The timeframe for signing is typically within three years.

Missing Documents and Materials

A lender is unable to move forward with a foreclosure case if they do not have all of the necessary documents and materials required by Florida law. Our team of Miramar foreclosure lawyers will look into whether your lender accidentally forgot to file a payment, as well as make sure none of your payments were deposited into the wrong accounts.

Potential Fraud

Our team of professional Miramar foreclosure attorneys will make sure that there is no potential fraud occurring. We will make sure that there are no signs of loan “flipping”, hidden fees, frequent refinancing that hurts the borrower, unbelievable interest rates, or targeting. Targeting is when lenders try to coerce borrowers that are not as knowledgeable with the processes into signing a mortgage that hurts their finances.

Why Loan Lawyers For Miramar Foreclosure Defense?

At Loan Lawyers, we are focused on continuing to be the leading Miramar foreclosure defense attorneys by doing everything that is legally possible for our clients. We are dedicated and committed to the best interests for all of our clients. Each case that comes to us is dealt with the utmost priority and attention. Our foreclosure attorneys in Miramar have unrivaled attention to detail so that all aspects of the case are reviewed and all defenses are explored. We go above and beyond the extra mile by dedicating a full team of experienced attorneys to support you through every step of the process so that you are aware of all that is going on at every stage of the process.

Our Miramar foreclosure attorneys conduct in-depth analyses of all of our client foreclosure cases. They consider every major and minor detail to ensure the best resolutions for our clients. This detailed analysis of the case can also prove to be helpful if our attorneys are representing the case in the court on behalf of your defense. Our foreclosure attorneys in Miramar are skilled negotiators and we have worked with all kinds of lenders to renegotiate mortgage terms for the benefit of our clients.

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For the overwhelming majority of Miramar homeowners and Americans, their home is their most valuable investment. If you are facing a foreclosure threat from a loan company or private lender, it is inevitable that you need to take timely action to ensure that you minimize the threat of loss. Our experienced Miramar foreclosure attorneys will study the case in detail and come up with a practical course of action that can be taken to prevent foreclosure.

We have handled hundreds of foreclosure cases for our clients and have earned an outstanding reputation over the years. Contact us today at 954-523-HELP (4357) and schedule a legal consultation with our Miramar foreclosure attorneys today.