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Nearly all homebuyers apply for a mortgage loan when looking to purchase a home or property. Many banks and private lenders usually approve these loans for applicants as long as they have the applicant’s assets (their home or property, in most cases) as collateral for security measures to make sure monthly payments are submitted in a timely manner. When monthly payments have been missed consecutively, a mortgage foreclosure notice is served to the borrower.

If you live in Miami and have received a notice of foreclosure, contact us. Our Miami foreclosure defense attorneys have years of experience representing Miami homeowners with skilled defense against foreclosure. Our goal is to keep as many homeowners in their homes as possible by way of exceptional foreclosure defense in Miami and loan modification assistance.

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Here’s why you should contact our Miami foreclosure attorneys at Loan Lawyers:

Multiple Solutions

Dealing with mortgage foreclosure matters is a tough task. At Loan Lawyers, our Miami foreclosure attorneys can help guide you through the entire process of a foreclosure case. Once you have hired our firm for foreclosure defense, we will assign one of our top-rated, experienced foreclosure defense lawyers in Miami to walk you through every step of the way to make sure you are aware and understand your options.

You can be assured that the lawyer assigned to your case will be by your side for every part of the process so that you are not left alone or left in the dark at any point. Our Miami foreclosure lawyers will complete an in-depth review of the current case against you, as well as a complete review of your current financial state. They will review all of your options to help draft up different solutions that can save your home from mortgage foreclosure. For example, our lawyers will assist in the negotiations that take place with the lenders to try and work out different options for paying back the mortgage loan. They can also assist in trying to negotiate a mortgage loan medication with the lenders or the bank, rather than moving forward with the foreclosure.

Lender Investigation

Certain cases have been recorded where the mortgage actions have been taken by the lender to commit fraud. At Loan Lawyers, our Hollywood foreclosure attorneys are professionally trained to check for the chances of fraud. Furthermore, they also check for any cases of a breach of contract by thoroughly studying the case and considering all its details. These points can come in handy while defending a mortgage foreclosure case.

Experience and Professionalism

Loan Lawyers is comprised of premier Miami foreclosure defense attorneys with a unique combination of experience, professionalism, and skills. Since the time of inception for Loan Lawyers, our main motive has been to serve our clients through and through. For years, we have been helping homeowners to save their homes from mortgage foreclosure. We are proud to have the best team of lawyers who specialize in dealing with foreclosure cases. They also have years of experience under their belt, which they optimally use coupled with their exceptional skills and ample knowledge of mortgage foreclosure to defend our clients.

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