Hollywood Foreclosure Attorneys

Hollywood Foreclosure Lawyers

For most Americans, there is no way around a mortgage loan as the overwhelming majority of us aren’t able to pay for homes in cash. A mortgage is an agreement that the buyer will repay the lender a certain amount over a certain period of time. If the individual who took out the home mortgage loan misses out on making consecutive payments on the loan, it can lead to a mortgage foreclosure notice from the lender.

When it comes to foreclosure, the borrower has two options.

The first option is to settle with the lenders and give away the rights to your home and property. The second option is to consult with our experienced Hollywood foreclosure attorneys for experienced defense. At Loan Lawyers, our Hollywood foreclosure attorneys are here to represent you through the entire foreclosure process.

The one thing to take into account when you receive a foreclosure notice is that there are ways to avoid losing your home. To avoid a foreclosure, it is critical to hire Hollywood foreclosure attorneys that have years of experience under their belts.

Hollywood Foreclosure Defense

Our Hollywood foreclosure lawyers know all of the different avenues to take when fighting a foreclosure case. Some of the common defense strategies that Loan Lawyers will look into include:

Modifications to Your Current Mortgage Payment Plan

Mortgage modification is usually one of the more common ways to avoid foreclosure. Our team of Hollywood foreclosure lawyers will work on your behalf to negotiate different terms of your current mortgage with your lender or bank. Our goal is to set a new payment plan in place that better works with your current financial picture.

Our team can aim to do a few things in order to modify the mortgage. We can look at lowering the interest rate. We can look at reducing your monthly payments so that they are more achievable based on your finances. We can look into eliminating any penalties for late payments. We can look into modifying the loan’s original amount. We can also look into getting an extension for the full repayment of the loan and even place a temporary pause on payments until you are in a better financial situation.


Bankruptcy is an option for those that are unable to afford the monthly mortgage payments but still want to keep their home. In many cases, these individuals can file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Procedural Due Process

Our Hollywood foreclosure lawyers will go through what is basically a ‘discovery process’ where we review all documents and materials related to the foreclosure case. This includes researching any testimonials, court appearances, witnesses, contracts, special documents, payment receipts, and more. We then use what we gather to negotiate with a lender or banker.

Withdrawal of Loan

In many cases, you are able to file for a loan withdrawal if you recently refinanced your home or signed your mortgage agreement in the last three years. If this is the case, you will be allowed to withdraw your loan and will receive compensation for any charges or interest.

Missing Documents

Florida law requires lenders to submit all related documents and materials for the foreclosure case when they file it. If they are unable to produce this documentation, they are not allowed to move forward with the foreclosure.

There are also times when a lender may make a billing or accounting mistake that can prevent foreclosure. For example, a lender may have accidentally deposited a payment into the wrong account or forgotten to deposit a payment altogether. Both of these can be used to avoid foreclosure.


We have seen many cases where lenders or bankers commit fraudulent acts against borrowers. Some of the types of fraud that occur include:

  • Hidden fees
  • Frequent refinancing that does not benefit the borrower
  • Very large interest rates to make it difficult to pay off
  • Targeting vulnerable individuals such as the elderly

Experienced Hollywood Foreclosure Attorneys

Our Hollywood foreclosure attorneys have several years of experience representing Hollywood homeowners with foreclosure defense. Our foreclosure defense lawyers in Hollywood have successfully represented numerous clients in a variety of foreclosure cases in Hollywood and through South Florida. Our goal is to use our skills, knowledge, and expertise to help our clients retain their homes.

Committed And Dedicated Foreclosure Lawyers In Hollywood

The Hollywood foreclosure lawyers at Loan Lawyers are both committed and fully dedicated to providing the best foreclosure defense and legal representation available. Our attorneys are focused on ensuring that our clients have the best possible chance of staying in their homes.

A Strong Defense

If the matter is taken to the court by the lender, a strong defense needs to be presented in order to ensure the foreclosure doesn’t go through. Our Hollywood foreclosure lawyers are experts in handling all kinds of foreclosure cases in a professional manner.

If you decide to move forward with our legal services, we will make sure your case is assigned to one of our most experienced foreclosure attorneys in Hollywood. Your lawyer will be sure to consider every major and minor detail within the case by conducting an in-depth case review, and your lawyer will determine which strong counterclaims to present in order to represent you in the court of law and save your home from foreclosure. We will provide assistance throughout the foreclosure process and ensure that the court proceedings are handled professionally and valid counterclaims are made.

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