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When a homeowner receives a foreclosure notice, they typically have two options at hand. The first option is to go ahead with the foreclosure proceedings and give away the right to one of their most valued assets (their home) which is kept as collateral with the lender. The second option is to contact our experienced Boca Raton foreclosure attorneys at Loan Lawyers. Our foreclosure defense lawyers in Boca Raton have years of experience in helping homeowners stay in their property.

Experienced Boca Raton Foreclosure Attorneys

Our Boca Raton foreclosure attorneys are fully dedicated and committed to assisting our clients with the best legal representation. We have successfully defended Boca Raton homeowners from foreclosure over the years and we use everything that we’ve learned to make a strong case for our clients. There are numerous steps that can be taken to fight a foreclosure case. At Loan Lawyers, we will study your case in detail and evaluate all of your alternative options. After thorough deliberation and consultation, the best option will be pursued by our team on behalf of your case.

At Loan Lawyers, we are well aware of the fact that not every foreclosure case is the same and we provide individualized services to our clients. A team of experienced foreclosure attorneys is assigned specifically to your case and is dedicated to handling your case only. This team will go through the details of the case, evaluate the reasons that resulted in the foreclosure notice, and suggest viable course of action accordingly. Furthermore, we will also inspect the case to ensure there is no fraud or breach of contract on part of the loan company or lender. If a breach of contract or fraud is identified on the lender’s end, we will assist you in preparing a strong case against them for court.

Our main priority is to help Boca Raton homeowners settle cases without having to go through the tedious court process if possible. If a trial cannot be avoided, our Boca Raton foreclosure attorneys will prepare a strong defense for your case to be presented in court.

Unfortunately, the truth is that millions of people have lost their homes to foreclosure in the United States over the last few years. This number continues to steadily rise as more and more people fall into debt. Losing your home to foreclosure basically means you must give up your most valuable asset because you failed to meet a mortgage payment or have fallen behind in payments.

However, there is some good news for those that may be facing foreclosure. There are ways to fight back against losing your home. Investing in the services of Boca Raton foreclosure defense will help you be able to maintain your property.

Our team of skilled Boca Raton foreclosure lawyers is able to come up with a top strategy for a defense that is in your favor.

Lender Negotiation

At Loan Lawyers, our Boca Raton foreclosure attorneys can negotiate with the lender on your behalf and persuade them to rework the terms of the loan. This way, the rate of interest can be lowered, the remaining amount of the loan can be reduced, and/or the duration of the loan can be extended.

Mortgage Modification

One of the main ways in which we can help you avoid foreclosure is through a mortgage modification. Here, we negotiate your mortgage agreement and terms on your behalf so that your payments can be adjusted to better fit your financial situation.

When your mortgage is modified, there are different things that can occur. For one, you could have reductions or changes in the interest rate of your loan. Two, you could have reductions in the ongoing monthly payments. Three, you could receive a reduction in your loan’s principal amount. Four, you could end up eliminating any late fees or penalties. And, finally, you could receive a timeline extension on the owed payments or a temporary pause in payments while you build up your finances.

If you are considering a mortgage modification as a way to prevent foreclosure, you will need the assistance of Boca Raton foreclosure lawyers. Only a skilled and experienced foreclosure attorney in Boca Raton will be able to provide the proper defense that proves the bank does not have the ability to foreclose. Foreclosure defenses can vary by state, however, so be sure to research the best contact for Boca Raton foreclosure defense in your specific location.

Mortgage modification is not the only defense that our Boca Raton foreclosure attorneys can argue. There is a range of other defense strategies to help you keep your home in your name.

Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

If you are unable to make your mortgage payments but do not want to give up your home, you may consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our Boca Raton bankruptcy lawyers can help.

Procedural Due Process

With Procedural Due Process, our attorneys will request a variety of items from your lender including documents, witnesses, contracts, and even court appearances and testimonials. This discovery process typically results in negotiations with the bank or lender.

Withdrawing Your Loan

If you recently refinanced your home and signed a new mortgage contract within three years, you are typically able to withdraw the loan. In this case, you would also be able to recover any interest or charges paid to your lender. This is why it is ideal to keep track of when you sign any new mortgages after refinancing.

Lost Documents & Receipts

Believe it or not, there are many times where a bank or lender loses important documents like a late payment notice or even a receipt for a previously-deposited payment. When a lender forecloses on your home, the state of Florida requires them to attach copies of any late notices to their filing. If they are missing any of these notes, then you will be able to avoid foreclosure. In other cases, lenders may end up depositing payments to a wrong account or with the wrong amount. This can also help you avoid foreclosure.

Misleading or Fraudulent Practices

There are also times when lenders complete acts of misleading or fraudulent practices when issuing loans and collecting payments. There are a variety of these unethical practices including hidden fees; loan “flipping” or frequent refinancing that does not benefit the homeowner; incredible interest rates that make it nearly impossible for the homeowner to repay the loan; targeting naïve or elderly individuals that are unaware of what they are signing; and, many more.

Contact Our Foreclosure Attorneys in Boca Raton

If you have been hit with a foreclosure notice or are falling behind in your mortgage payments, then it is time to act quickly and call our experienced team of Boca Raton foreclosure lawyers. It is imperative to have a qualified team of attorneys fighting on your behalf to make sure you can retain your valuable assets.

There are numerous steps that can be taken to fight a foreclosure case. At Loan Lawyers, we will study your case in detail and evaluate all of your alternative options. After thorough deliberation and consultation, the best option will be pursued by our team on behalf of your case. Our team of dedicated Boca Raton foreclosure lawyers will be with you every step of the way so that you will know you are in good hands.

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