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Receiving a notice of mortgage foreclosure can be devastating. Foreclosure is the unfortunate result for many Americans that have to deal with an unplanned financial expense such as medical bills, family emergencies, and other life-changing situations.

To most people, a home is, without a doubt, the most prized and valuable asset in terms of both physical and sentimental value. This is why it is so devastating when a family receives a foreclosure notice because they typically cannot imagine living anywhere else besides their family home. If you have received a foreclosure notice and you are unsure of what to do next, your best option is to our Broward foreclosure attorneys. Our foreclosure attorneys in Broward have the knowledge and experience to assist you through this process. The team of Broward foreclosure lawyers at Loan Lawyers are fully committed to our clients.

Why Choose Loan Lawyers For Broward Foreclosure Defense?

At Loan Lawyers,  we are rated among the top Broward foreclosure defense attorneys out there due to our many years of experience and very skilled attorneys. We have helped countless Broward homeowners in a wide range of situations in retaining their home by providing a strong defense against mortgage foreclosures.

Let’s have a look below at some of the top reasons why you should contact our Broward foreclosure attorneys:

A Detailed Process

At Loan Lawyers, we make sure to follow a detailed process to help our clients successfully retain their homes that are under foreclosure. We conduct one-on-one meetings with our clients – the homeowners – to fully understand and assess their situation, along with the reasons that led to the mortgage foreclosure. We then fully review the homeowners’ specific financial situation to make sure that we have the proper defense to provide the best foreclosure defense.

Experienced Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

At Loan Lawyers, we are proud to say that we have one of the most experienced teams of foreclosure lawyers in Broward and throughout South Florida. We pride ourselves on professionalism as well as our deep understanding of foreclosure laws in Florida and all the minute details. Moreover, the amount of years that we have as a team in handling a diverse set of foreclosure defense cases in South Florida, especially within Broward, has further helped us in using our skills and expertise to help our clients successfully get through foreclosure cases. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients retain their homes.

Custom Long-Term Solutions

The main goal is to get out of foreclosure and to make sure that you are able to retain your home for the foreseeable future Our Broward foreclosure attorneys provide not only short-term solutions but also long-term solutions tailored to your specific case.

Strong Foreclosure Defense

Our Broward foreclosure lawyers have successfully defended Broward homeowners in foreclosure cases for years. By handling a variety of cases, our attorneys know the most effective foreclosure defense strategies that will help you keep your home.

We will thoroughly study the entire case and claims; we will check for any breaches of contracts by lenders; and, we will check for any possibilities of fraud within the case.

In addition, we make sure to review any other possibilities such as a violation of Florida state laws to see if these can be used for making counterclaims in the case. We can also make a counterclaim against the lender if they had failed to make proper disclosures before closing the loan.

Skilled Negotiators

Our Broward foreclosure attorneys have gone toe-to-toe with lenders in negotiation battles for years. We help Broward homeowners by negotiating with their lenders to restructure loans. Our lawyers use their expertise to lower the amount of mortgage, extend the loan period, and reduce interest rates.

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