Why Bankruptcy May Not Be the Best Option When You’re Sued for Debt

Let me tell you why bankruptcy may not be the best option if you’re being sued for a debt. Now bankruptcy is an effective tool to get out of debt. But there are reasons that it should be used strategically and only as a last resort. For once you file bankruptcy, you may not be able to file again for eight years. So, you want to make sure that it is the right situation. Plus, if you’re behind on your mortgage, and you file for bankruptcy, you might end up losing your home.

Additionally, if you’re being contacted by debt collectors, they may be violating the law and you may be entitled to collect money from them. But if you file bankruptcy, you may lose that right? Not only that, there are often better tools to get out of debt and potentially recover money if the debt collector has violated any laws.

So, if you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy, you should speak to a law firm that helps people get out of debt in other ways as well, not just the bankruptcy. Call Loan Lawyers TODAY FOR FREE consultation. We’ve eliminated over $100 million in debt and recovered over $20 million for our clients for debt collector violations. And if helped more than 6000 people eliminate debt and restore peace of mind. Call us today at 1888 513 for your free consultation.