Why All Mortgage Modification Lawyers Are NOT the Same

Behind on your loan, and considering a loan modification, here’s the dirty little secret about your loan servicer that they don’t want you to know. The longer you stay in default, the more money your loan servicer as the ability to make, the longer you stay in default, the more fees late charges and other costs, they get to rack up on your law. In fact, the very nature of loan servicing is that they maximize their profits when people stop paying their mortgage.

That’s because the longer they keep your loan in default, the higher fees they can charge and the more money they’re ultimately going to make. Not only that loan services actually get a percentage of the mortgage payments that people are not making. They know that ultimately if you get foreclosed on, they’re going to get paid in full from the foreclosure sale anyway. Therefore, they’re not in a particular hurry to process your loan modification. Ever hear this one before? We’re sorry, but we’re still missing some documents.

Can you please send these things? Again, it’s not uncommon for people to be stuck in loan modification for months or even years accumulating 1000s of dollars in unnecessary late charges and fees, and loan lawyers, we’ve gotten clients to over 2000 modifications when other lawyers oftentimes have been able to do so why is that? Because we understand what respa is? Well, you might be wondering what’s respa? Well, let me tell you something, a lot of other lawyers are also an inroad. respa is, but in our office, we’re actually litigators, we sue loan services in federal court, and there were laws that govern the modification process. And if the bank violates those laws, we may sue them in federal court for you. And the banks know that we’ve done it to them before and we’re gonna do it to them again.

We’ve eliminated over $20 million in mortgage principal and over $100 million in debt. So, if you’re struggling to save your house and you need a loan modification, call the law firm because if the bank tries to take advantage of you, we’re going to take them to the task. Call us now for your 100% free consultation. Call us at 1888 513.