If I am receiving calls from debt collectors, is it easier to just ignore them?

If you are receiving calls from debt collectors for any reason, you should contact Loan Lawyers right away. Often, people feel embarrassed when they owe money and try to avoid the situation by ignoring the phone calls or changing their cellular phones. While this may seem like an easy solution, it may wind up costing you tens of thousands of dollars or more that you could have made due to debt collectors violating the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practice Act) or the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act).

The FDCPA has a long list of violations that are made by debt collectors on a regular basis, with each claim being worth at least $1,000. Furthermore, the TCPA expressly prohibits collectors from contacting you on your cellular phone without prior consent, with every call resulting in between $500-$1,500 in damages. If you are getting calls from debt collectors, we want to hear from you. These annoying calls could amount to you being entitled to some serious money.