Why Choosing the Right Debt Attorney Will Make a Difference in Your Case

Let me tell you why choosing the right law firm to represent you and your debt or debt lawsuit makes all the difference in the world. When you’ve been sued for debt or you’re struggling to pay your bills, the law firm that you hire can have a dramatic impact on the results that you end up with.

So, you got three types of lawyers, you got your paper pushers who don’t really go to court. You’ve got your litigators who go to court, but they’re not ready to take your case to trial. But then you’ve got your trial lawyers who will take your case to trial if need be. Banks, debt collectors, credit card companies and their lawyers know which law firms take cases to trial and which don’t.

When negotiating with banks and creditors. If the lawyer doesn’t take cases to trial, there’s simply no way to have proper leverage against the debt collector, and therefore to maximize the client results. And believe me, the banks, the creditors, and their lawyers all know who they can take advantage of and who they can.

At Loan Lawyers, we are battle proven trial lawyers, we litigated 1000s of consumer cases and have handled over 200 consumer debt and foreclosure trials. When banks, debt collectors and credit card companies violate our clients’ rights, we sue them and we hold them accountable. Our success and reputation in the courtroom put us in a unique position to maximize leverage and negotiating power for our clients achieving the best possible results for their case.

So, if you’re struggling to pay your bills, or you’ve been sued for debt or foreclosure call loan lawyers now for a free consultation, we’ve eliminated over $100 million in debt saved over 2000 homes from foreclosure and recovered over $20 million for our clients for debt collector violations. And we’ve helped more than 6000 people eliminate debt and restore peace of mind. Call us at 1888 513 for your free consultation, or visit us on the web at fight13.com.