Why Choosing the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer Could Change Your Life

Thinking about filing a bankruptcy. Let me tell you why choosing the wrong bankruptcy law firm can cost you 1000s or even hundreds of 1000s of dollars. Way too often people wind up with bankruptcy law firms though don’t take the time to properly review the entire debt situation and look to see if their clients’ rights have been violated by banks, debt collectors or credit card companies.

There are multiple state and federal regulations that exist to protect consumers rights. Imagine filing a bankruptcy only to find out later or maybe even never know that you had a case worth over $100,000 against a debt collector for fraud that is now forever gone because you file that bankruptcy.

Countless times people have come to loan lawyers from other bankruptcy law firms and we were able to recover 10s even hundreds of 1000s of dollars for them for consumer fraud and get them completely out of debt without having to ever file a bankruptcy.

So, if you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, don’t risk losing out on the possibility of collecting 1000s of dollars or more if your rights had been violated. Call Loan Lawyers now for free debt elimination consultation.

We’ve eliminated over $100 million dollars in consumer debt recovered over $20 million for our clients for debt collector violations. And we fought more than 6000 people eliminate debt and restore peace of mind. Call us now at 1888 fight 13 that is 1888513 or visit us on the web at https://www.fight13.com/