Choosing the Right Law Firm to Represent You for Your Debt Lawsuit Makes All the Difference in the World.

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Is your peace of mind threatened by mounting debt, with no end in sight? Are your income sources drying up? Relief is at hand if you know whom to call.

Can’t quite bring yourself to consider bankruptcy? Depending on your circumstances, you may discover there are solid solutions for you other than bankruptcy.

Imagine yourself rescued from the harassing phone calls, non-stop collection notices and the haunting possibility of having your home sold in a foreclosure action. Visualize receiving your full paycheck again, without a huge cut of it going to pay high-interest credit card debt.

If you’re struggling through financial trouble, you’re not alone. Regardless of the cause of your debt, it may be time to consider all your options.

The Right Law Firm Can Help You Identify Your Best Defenses

Once you need to take legal action regarding debts, the question becomes which law firm is right for you. It’s likely the most important decision you will make.

It’s best to hire an experienced law firm with a 360-degree view of all the debt solutions that are available. Ideally, you want a firm with a proven track record of success at the negotiating table – and also a firm that is fearless in court.

Look for a firm with the following characteristics:

  • Has a heart for people in a tough spot
  • Focuses exclusively on helping people with debt issues
  • Tailors the defense to your particular needs
  • Brings a comprehensive, multi-faceted analysis to your situation
  • Helps you understand that although you have debt, you also have rights
  • Is successful at getting principal and interest reduced on debt
  • Can get your credit card debt removed
  • Can keep your bank accounts from being frozen
  • Gets the upper hand over the nation’s largest banks and mortgage companies
  • Is relentless in filing lawsuits against debt collectors who violate state and federal law
  • Charges affordable legal fees, often on a contingent fee basis
  • Knows realistic ways to help you make money off your foreclosure defense

Loan Lawyers brings all this and more to debt relief on your behalf. We’re a foreclosure defense, debt defense and bankruptcy law firm. We’ve helped more than 5,000 families all over South Florida and beyond.

Prevent Your Wages from Being Garnished

You work hard and need every penny of your paycheck. Having part of your income garnished to pay down debt is a painful way to live. In fact, it seems counter-productive while you’re trying to work your way out of debt.

If you avoided your creditors or let the debt go unpaid for a long time, garnishment is a legal tool that can be levied against you. Unfortunately, in some cases you may also owe for your creditor’s attorney fees, interest on the outstanding debt and court costs.

It doesn’t have to be this way. An experienced attorney with Loan Lawyers will exhaust all options to get your debt resolved so you can rediscover your financial stability.

Avoid Having to Go to Court

If you’re struggling to pay your bills and cover your debt, the last thing you want to do is lay bare all your personal finances in a court of law. Whatever you do, don’t blow off your court appearance. You may land yourself in even more trouble with the law.

Save yourself the embarrassment of a court appearance and avoid the legal consequences. Hire a skilled litigator to act on your behalf.

Avoid Trying to Learn Legal Processes and Procedures

Should you go it alone?

If the amount of the debt is relatively small and the action has been filed in small claims court, it may make sense to represent yourself. Otherwise, be aware there are risks involved.

Your story of how your finances went awry may be profound in your telling of it. You may be confident in your public speaking skill. Buttressed by your own self-confidence, you may feel it’s worthwhile to skip hiring a lawyer and instead represent yourself. But be careful!

The law that addresses debt relief, foreclosure relief and bankruptcy is known for being incredibly complex. The processes and procedures sometimes conflict and are often open to interpretation. Statutes of limitations and discovery deadlines are firm. Missing one can wreck your case beyond repair.

Be aware that the other side will be skillfully represented by an experienced legal team with impressive credentials and vast resources.

Many lawyers who concentrate in this area of the law offer a free initial consultation. At a minimum, you should take advantage of this opportunity. Explain your circumstances and get the insights you need. It’s a better option than trying to teach yourself the intricacies of debt relief law. Your financial future is at stake.

Obtain Proof of Your Debt Before You Settle

You may be surprised to learn that many banks, mortgage companies and other creditors are sloppy at record-keeping. Sometimes they fail to fully document their loans. Other times they simply can’t locate the paperwork that binds you to repay them.

You can take advantage of circumstances like these. Be sure you confirm that you do indeed owe the money. Require your creditor to provide proof. This can be a valid tool to use in negotiating.

A Foreclosure Defense, Debt Defense and Bankruptcy Law Firm Serving South Florida

When you hire Loan Lawyers, relax knowing we’re committed to your best interest. Our reputation is built on fighting for the legal rights of individuals like you who are overwhelmed by debt and financial hardship.

Contact us now  and let’s get the conversation started. Your initial consultation is free, completely confidential and without obligation.