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When you find yourself deeply in debt, it can seem like trying to climb out from under it is an impossible task. Our Fort Lauderdale debt relief attorneys know that there are actually many options for people facing overwhelming debt. With the help of our experienced lawyers, along with some hard work and dedication, it is definitely possible to get out of debt.

At Loan Lawyers, we have decades of experience helping our clients get out of every imaginable debt situation. Whether you are simply looking to renegotiate and restructure your debt into more manageable payments, or you need to file for bankruptcy, our knowledgeable debt relief attorneys can advise you and help you pursue the best possible solution for your situation.

Our legal team at Loan Lawyers will work tirelessly to help you get out from under debt. We know that when you are being crushed by debt, it can have adverse impacts on your emotional and physical well-being. But debt relief is not impossible.

Our Fort Lauderdale debt relief attorneys have the experience and knowledge – and a proven track record of success – to help you obtain debt relief, no matter your situation. Our dedicated attorneys will work vigorously to help our clients overcome any amount of debt.

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How Our Debt Relief Lawyers Can Help You

No matter where you are in the process of trying to deal with your debts, our experienced Fort Lauderdale debt relief lawyers can help you. Whether you are simply looking to get your debts and finances under control, trying to negotiate more manageable payments with your banks and lenders, or if you are in court with the banks and lenders, trying to defend against attempts to recover debts you simply don’t have the money to pay, we have the resources and experience you need.

  • Debt Counseling. Our attorneys can help you to find resources that will provide you with counseling and coaching to help get your debt under control, so that you can learn how to better budget and manage your finances to stop your debt from growing, putting you on a path to paying down your debt.
  • Debt Negotiation. If you are having trouble working with your lenders to obtain payment schedules that are more manageable with your finances, our attorneys can help you by negotiating with the banks on your behalf. We help the banks better understand your financial situation and demonstrate how a renegotiated payment plan works best for you and them.
  • Debt Settlement. When full payment of your debts is simply not possible under your financial situation, our lawyers can work with your banks and lenders to settle your debts for less than the total amounts you owe – in some cases, this can even be the best outcome for banks and lenders, since it will prevent them from spending large sums of money taking you to court in an attempt to recover a full amount that you don’t even have.
  • Debt Litigation. If you are already in court with banks and lenders, our attorneys can appear on your behalf, raising any potential legal defenses you may have. We’ll do everything we can to avoid a judgment against you and obtain a more favorable settlement of your debts.

Types of Debt Solutions We Provide

At Loan Lawyers, we provide our clients with many kinds of debt solutions, each tailored to different clients’ situations. Some of the most common debt relief solutions we provide include:

  • Credit Card Debt Relief. If you are unable to pay down your credit card balances, or if you can’t even make your minimum payments, we can help you either obtain relief with the credit card companies by negotiating a more manageable payment schedule that will sustainably pay down your balances, or negotiate a settlement of your balances.
  • Student Loan Debt Relief. Our attorneys can help you obtain relief from student loan debt, regardless of whether your loans are federal, state, or private in nature. Methods include deferring payments, obtaining income-based payment plans, or negotiating a complete settlement of your debt.
  • Bankruptcy Strategies. When bankruptcy is your only avenue to debt resolution, our attorneys can help you through the complex process, advising you on whether you should file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and fighting to ensure that you exit the bankruptcy process with as many of your assets as possible.
  • Foreclosure Defense. If you are at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, our debt relief lawyers can fight to help you keep it. We can try to negotiate a mortgage restructuring with the bank; if you are already in foreclosure proceedings, we can defend you in court, raising possible legal defenses, such as challenging the bank’s eligibility to foreclose, or arguing the violation of mortgage and debt collection laws.
  • Auto Repossession Defense. If you’ve fallen behind on your car payments, and the bank is attempting to repossess your vehicle, our attorneys can help. We understand that not having a vehicle to get to work can sink you even further into the spiral of debt. We will defend against attempts at repossession or try to help you recover your vehicle if it has already been repossessed.
  • Debt Collector Harassment Relief. We understand that daily calls and letters from debt collectors can negatively impact your emotional and mental well-being. Fortunately, the law provides avenues to stop harassing behavior by debt collectors. Our attorneys can get the debt collection agencies to stop contacting you directly; instead, our firm can speak with the debt collection agencies on your behalf, so that you can have peace of mind.

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If you feel as though you are buried under a mountain of debt you simply can’t escape, don’t lose hope. At Loan Lawyers, our debt relief attorneys have the experience and knowledge crucial to helping you resolve your debt problems, no matter the circumstances. Don’t let your debt problems continue to adversely impact your family, your quality of life, and your well-being.

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