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Many times, when an individual is faced with a large amount of debt that needs to be repaid, filing for bankruptcy becomes an option. While many people tend to hold off on actually moving forward with the filing for various reasons, it is often an ideal solution to help individuals eliminate or reduce their debt in order to start fresh financially.

Even if filing for bankruptcy is the best option for you, it is important to consult our experienced Hallandale Beach bankruptcy attorney priors to taking any action. A bankruptcy attorney will be able to review your case in-depth, and then he or she will make a recommendation based on your financial circumstances. It may not be the right time to move forward with filing, and your bankruptcy lawyer will be able to advise on this.

Filing For Bankruptcy

At times, filing for bankruptcy can become quite complex if you are unsure of all of the laws and regulations relevant to your specific situation. There are also many chapters that you can file under, so consulting with a qualified Hallandale Beach bankruptcy lawyer is the first step that you should take.

At Loan Lawyers, we have over 100 years of combined experience in handling bankruptcy cases for a variety of different situations. We have a proven track record of success where we have helped our clients in avoiding foreclosure and repossessions; eliminating or reducing their debt; maximizing their financial picture overall; and, assisting with the actual bankruptcy filing procedures.

Our team of bankruptcy attorneys in Hallandale Beach will also do a comprehensive review of your financial outlook and advise the best path to take

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

One of the first steps in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to take a means test that reviews your current debt, income, and any other financial aspects to determine eligibility. If you qualify, you have a good chance of eliminating all or a significant portion of your debt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy usually results in a modification to your current payment terms on your debts if you are not eligible for chapter 7. This means that you will likely receive reduced monthly payments or an extended timeline to repay the debts.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 is usually the most complicated one to file under because it is for individuals with massive amounts of debt. Business owners that have large lines of business loans usually file under Chapter 11 but individuals that do not qualify for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 may be eligible.

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