Our Unique Approach to Solving Your Debt Problems

At Loan Lawyers, our unique and multifaceted approach to total debt solutions sets us apart from the many other consumer rights law firms in South Florida.

Too often, we have had clients come to us for a free consultation to discuss their debt issues, only to tell us that the previous attorney they met with told them they should just file bankruptcy. Yet, after analyzing their whole debt picture, we have been able to:

  • File multiple lawsuits against debt collectors for violations under state and federal law
  • Vigorously defend credit card cases and get the debts removed
  • Take the bank that is holding the mortgage to task and emerge victorious against them at trial
  • Effectively eliminate the debt and recover money on our client’s behalf due to wrongful foreclosure or debt collection practices

We started to see a pattern emerging: Bankruptcy law firms were advising clients that bankruptcy was the right solution, when it wasn’t. Law firms that only handled foreclosure matters were not equipped to help consumers with the multitude of bankruptcy or other creative approaches that could really benefit them. People were missing out on opportunities to substantially reduce or eliminate their mortgage and other debts.

From day one, Loan Lawyers was built around putting clients and their needs first. Therefore, we provide a unique and creative approach to every client’s debt situation, often employing a multi-prong defense and attack for each area of debt obligations. In fact, besides offering affordable legal fees, we handle many consumer cases on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t get paid unless we win your case.

It’s not uncommon for a consumer or homeowner to come to Loan Lawyers for foreclosure defense or bankruptcy, and wind up making money. That is because we hold the banks and debt collectors responsible for their negligent or fraudulent behavior. Consumers and homeowners should always be empowered to know that just because they have debt, that doesn’t mean they don’t have rights. Not only that, more often than you could imagine, the entity that is trying to collect on the debt doesn’t even own it and can’t prove that it has the right to bring the lawsuit.

By fighting hard for our clients and taking a total debt solution approach, we have been able to even the playing field and give our clients peace of mind so they can sleep at night. Loan Lawyers is large enough to have the resources and tools to fight against the big banks, debt companies, and their lawyers, yet small enough to give you the attention that you need. We know what it feels like to be David facing Goliath, and we are here to remind you that David won.