A Debt Collection Defense Attorney Can Help!


Consumers are not without allies in their fight against unscrupulous debt collectors. A qualified and experienced debt collection defense attorney may assist any consumer to fight unscrupulous lenders typically equipped with an arsenal of legal resources to harass and sue consumers for alleged unpaid credit card debts.

Many debts are sold or assigned to third-party collectors that employ strong-arm tactics to obtain payment for a debt, whether or not the target of their collection efforts is the actual obligor for the debt.

While the FDCPA prohibits debt collectors from using abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices to collect debts, many still engage in making false statements to consumers as well as harassing them by using profanity or making threats that they’ll sue or have them arrested.

However, a debt collection defense attorney may provide invaluable assistance to consumers facing experiencing problems with debt collectors. The recipient of any unwanted or alleged illegal communications may retain an attorney to exclusively communicate with a debt collector on his or her behalf.

If a debt is legitimate, an attorney may negotiate for its repayment and investigate whether any defenses to payment exist. An attorney may determine if any counterclaims exist based on whether a debt collector has complied with federal law throughout the debt collection process. A counterclaim is not a defense to an unpaid debt but a separate claim that may be available under federal law or state law.

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