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When a person is facing foreclosure, they may think they’re going to spend a lot of their time working with the bank. After all, it’s the bank that wants mortgage payments made, so it makes sense that the homeowner would primarily deal with them. However, this isn’t always the case. In some cases, a servicer may take over the dealing,... Read More

escrow and foreclosure

Many people only think about escrow when they’re buying a new home. Once they’re all moved in and settled, they tend to sometimes forget about it. However, for those who have received notice that a bank or other lender is about to foreclose on their home, it’s possible that escrow could represent a chance at keeping the home. How is... Read More


Struggling homeowners may concede defeat when they are served with foreclosure papers from their lender. After months of sleepless nights, fretting, and trying to work out a solution with their lender, the homeowner’s options to catch up with their mortgage note seem to disappear overnight. During the height of the 2008 housing crisis that affected the whole country and Florida... Read More

climate change and foreclosure

Climate change poses an imminent threat to the mortgage industry. In recent years, extreme storms, natural disasters, and precarious shifts in climate are damaging homes in areas where borrowers might not have invested in flood or fire insurance. According to CoreLogic, mortgage delinquencies on damaged homes increased more than 200% (source). With the prediction of stronger storms and more extreme weather... Read More


In our connected world, social media is omnipresent and many people post frequent updates of their daily activities, family events, likes and dislikes on almost every possible topic. We can create a significant online biography by just posting regularly.  Social media can be a wonderful platform to connect with friends, family, and new people through an almost endless number of... Read More

government shutdown

After being named the longest government shutdown in history, the government finally opened its doors back up temporarily until February 15th–pending approval of budgetary needs for the President’s wall-funding request. During this tumultuous shutdown, many federal workers went without pay. Approximately 800,000 workers were furloughed, and according to Inman–leading news source for real estate agents–these workers owe about $438 million... Read More


Florida Statutes §702.12, Coming on October 1, 2018, May Create a Streamlined Foreclosure Procedure against Borrowers who have Previously Filed for Bankruptcy Protection If you are a borrower who has previously filed for bankruptcy protection and you are now potentially looking at possible foreclosure action by your lender after October 1, 2018, you need to take note.  Senate Bill No.... Read More


We’re being told that the economy overall has been improving and that the jobless rate has dropped to a multi-year low.  From this type of encouraging economic statistics you might think that the foreclosure crisis has finally reached its end but unfortunately, we are now seeing statistics that show that foreclosure filings in Florida for July were up 35% over... Read More


After the court enters its Final Judgment of Foreclosure in favor of the plaintiff, the Court will schedule a foreclosure sale date. Sometimes, the foreclosure sale results in the purchaser paying more for the property than the amount of the final judgment. This amount above the final judgment amount is called the surplus. The clerk of court keeps this surplus... Read More


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, known more commonly as the FDCPA, is an important consumer-protection law and one that our office has used many, many times to help our clients and protect their rights.  While it bans a number of specific activities by debt collections, generally, the FDCPA forbids debt-collectors from harassing members of the public to an excessive... Read More