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  • Objecting to Foreclosure Sales
    Objecting to Foreclosure Sales

    Even if your home has unfortunately just been sold at a foreclosure auction, all hope is not necessarily lost. So long as you act very quickly after the date of the foreclosure auction, you may still ...

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  • Habitat for Humanity
    Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity is commonly perceived to be a purely altruistic organization that uses volunteer labor to provide free homes to the less fortunate or economically disadvantaged. In reality, the ...

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  • Bank Business Records
    Bank Business Records

    As many of you know, the bank that you borrow money from for a mortgage isn’t always the same bank that you end up making your mortgage payments to. Somewhere along the lines, the banks decided that ...

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  • Conditions Precedent/Standing
    Conditions Precedent/Standing

    I was recently fortunate enough to represent a family going through the foreclosure process and succeed in defending their home at trial. The bank ultimately lost on their failure to prove what is ...

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  • Statute of Limitations in Florida Mortgage Loan Foreclosure Lawsuits
    Statute of Limitations in Florida Mortgage Loan Foreclosure Lawsuits

    You may have heard at some time someone mention the term “statute of limitations” but may not have understood what that term actually means. “Statute of limitations” is a legal term referring to the ...

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  • Modifications

    How a client ultimately ended up in foreclosure is often times a sticking point for many of them. In some instances, it’s because a series of unfortunate events occurred – a death in the family, ...

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