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Getting to Know the Judge!

There’s an old adage in the law: “A good Lawyer knows the law; a Great Lawyer knows the Judge!” There is a lot of truth behind this statement. One would think subjectivity should not apply in our judiciary: Judges should uphold the law as it stands and apply the particular facts of the case to the law. Unfortunately, this is not reality especially when it pertains to Foreclosure law in Florida. Judges have certain idiosyncrasies making it critical for the practitioner to really get to know and follow for their clients. A good example of this is a basic requirement some Judges have when it comes to court hearings. Certain Judges require motions or pleadings sent ahead of time prior to the hearing. Some Judges require 7 days in advance; Some Judges require 10 days in advance; Some Judges require the motion or pleading be sent via E-Courtesy through their local case management system. If a practitioner does not follow this basic requirement, this could mean the relief requested is denied solely based on not following the Judges requirement. We unfortunately see this far too often in Court with other Defense attorneys. Another simple idiosyncrasy worth following for the practitioner is formality. Some judges really appreciate certain phrases or words mentioned at hearings: “May it Please the Court” or “Nothing further Your Honor, May I be Excused?” This may seem silly or even trivial to the ordinary laymen. However, it is critical in this practice of law, considering we want to do and be the best for our clients everyday. The critical takeaway from this blog is that you do not want to hire a firm or an attorney that does not practice in front of the particular jurisdiction or Judge and as a result, does not know the Judge. You want to hire a firm or an attorney that has practiced in the particular jurisdiction for many years and intimately knows the Judge and the court system. It could be a matter of saving your home or obtaining the relief you desperately are seeking to obtain.