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Preventing Identity Theft, Part 3

Individuals must protect their personal information and credit. The harm caused by identity theft is long-lasting and costly. The attorneys at Loan Lawyers can help anyone repair their credit. Here is the third part of an article listing tips for avoiding identity theft:

*Keep your records and important documents in safe places. Personal documents should be kept in a safe or safe deposit box. Sensitive documents should be shredded rather than thrown in the trash.

*Share personal information only under limited circumstances. Individuals should never give anyone personal information over the phone, mail or internet. Stay off and immediately remove yourself from any promotional lists such as junk mail and pre-approved credit card lists. Do not ever feel obligated to answer personal questions if you do not trust the source of the inquiries. Do not hesitate to verify information before sharing any sensitive personal data or other information.

*Minimize the number of credit cards that you use and close all unused accounts. Contrary to some belief, keeping a large number of credit cards is never a wise course of action. Only those which will actually be used should be kept. Unused cards and accounts should be canceled. Organized records of all credit cards and their billing cycle should be kept in a safe place. The more credit accounts an individual has, the more data that has to be protected and monitored.

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