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Fight Back Against Illegal Debt Collection Tactics

People who owe money to debt collectors are often unsure of their rights. Many people feel guilty that they cannot afford to pay off an old debt, and often feel like they have no choice but to put up with a debt collector’s harassment. If you owe money, make sure that you protect your rights and learn how to fight back against illegal debt collection tactics.

Debt collectors have to follow federal and state regulations when attempting to collect a debt. Statutes like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act regulate what debt collectors can and cannot due. If they violate these regulations, the consumer who owes the debt may be able to file a lawsuit against the debt collector.

Common Illegal Actions

Even though statutes like the FDCPA regulate debt collectors, many unscrupulous companies skirt these rules. If a debt collector has engaged in any of these practices, be sure to speak with a debt defense attorney as soon as possible.

#1: Pretend to Be the Authorities

It is illegal for a debt collector to pretend to be a law enforcement officer, government agent, or attorney. If you receive a call from a debt collector who alleges that he or she is one of these types of people, inform your attorney.

#2: Inform Other People About Your Debt

A debt collector cannot inform people like your boss, your family members, or any third party about your debt. If a debt collector contacts these people or makes threats that they will inform your employer about your debt, then they are engaging in illegal activity.

#3: Threatening or Abusive Language

A debt collector cannot threaten a consumer with foul language, harass that consumer, or threaten him or her with violence. If a debt collector attempts to frighten or intimidate you, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

#4: Calling Outside Allowed Hours

The FDCPA states that debt collectors can only call between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. These hours are based on the consumer’s local time. If debt collectors call outside of these hours, or outside of the hours that the consumer allows, that debt collector could face legal action.

#5: Contacting Represented Consumers

If you have an attorney who is representing you regarding a particular debt, the debt collector must direct all communications to that attorney. It is illegal for a debt collector to contact a person who is represented, and doing so can result in serious legal consequences.

That is one of the many reasons why it is helpful to retain an attorney to help you fix your problems with debts. In addition to receiving experienced legal help that can reduce or even eliminate your debt, you will no longer have to deal with annoying debt collection calls each day.

At Loan Lawyers, our knowledgeable debt defense attorneys will review your financial history and analyze your options. We can help you create a plan to get out of debt, and will help you fight back against illegal debt collection techniques.

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