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Last Minute Last Chance

As a new year quickly creeps up on us and the holidays are afoot, people will begin to start putting off important matters while getting hypnotized by the chaotic holiday Craze which rushes in and out our lives and leaves us wondering if the more important matters were handled. As the Holidays are nearing, do not procrastinate on any pending legal matters.

It is highly recommended that one seeks professional assistance to handle all legal matters, instead of having to carry the burden of filing the proper pleadings in court and meeting any and all deadlines, while balancing a healthy full time life. This advice is especially true for homeowners who are in foreclosure. Do not procrastinate and wait until after the holidays. Procrastinating will only make matters worse.

For example, if you hired an attorney to handle your foreclosure matter, you may end up saving more money. Nothing is free in life (except our free consultations) and although you may not be making a mortgage payment, the amounts due and owing are consistently going up. By hiring an attorney to assist you in the defense of your foreclosure matter, it may result in achieving a resolution sooner thereby lessening the amount of court fees and Attorney payments you will end up paying.

Far too often I hear scary stories from clients who waited to late. They come in with reasonable cases in which we could’ve assisted in helping with the foreclosure, but they waited until a week or month before a sale date. If you are caught in a situation whereby you think you may be able to resolve a lawsuit on your own, it would not harm you to schedule a free consultation with a law firm in order to be able to responsibly determine whether it is something you can handle.

Loan Lawyers is known for offering homeowners a free consultation appointment to assist you with your foreclosure, bankruptcy, and debt harassment matters. When in doubt, call us! You don’t want to enter a new year with the burden of losing your home!

On the corner of looming holidays and last chances,

Sonja-Lucienne Cajuste, Esq.