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Budget Chops in Foreclosure

As the summer comes to an end, I sit back and reflect on the most chaotic and challenging summers I have experienced as an Attorney in the Foreclosure World. As of June 2015, the funding for the Foreclosure divisions in all South Florida’s Circuit Courts came to an end, forcing the courts to terminate Magistrates, Case Managers, Clerks and switch Judges to different divisions. In 2013, there was a desperate need to create separate a division for foreclosure cases due to the enormous amount of foreclosure lawsuits and the intense backlog they created. As a means to remedy this disorder, the National Mortgage Settlement contributed approximately $21million dollars to create separate foreclosure divisions throughout the State of Florida with the proper staff and tools necessary to battle the onslaught of ongoing and new foreclosure filings.

Since June 2015, it has been an absolute nightmare in court, a constant struggle, and ongoing fight. According to, while pending foreclosure cases have been whittled statewide from 329,171 in 2013 to 109,706 as of January 2015, Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga said in a letter to lawmakers this month that it would be hasty to declare the housing market completely healed.

Although I have been very fortunate with the outcomes of my hearings, there has been a significant increase in the amount of sale dates that are not being cancelled. Also, there is no longer a HELP DESK for pro se litigants and it has been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find any available hearing dates within the same month.

One of the most devastating changes made in Broward County was getting rid of the Magistrate. Magistrate Eiss was a GODSEND to the Broward County Foreclosure Division. She is the epitome of fairness and justice to both sides (Plaintiff and Defendant). She was THE solution to the never-ending docket which allowed hearings to be heard in a timely manner, thus allowing Lawyers the opportunity to return to their offices at an appropriate time and not forced to remain in court all morning. The leaving of the Magistrate was the worse thing to happen to Broward County’s foreclosure division. With that, it has never been a more important time to seek the assistance of Legal experts in Foreclosure.

On the Corner of Downsizing and Budget Chops,

Sonja L. Cajuste