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Cool Heads Prevail

A client who recently discovered a 5 year old judgment against, followed by a loss of his investment property was grateful beyond words to see the Blessings of G-D, reveal themselves in a court room. He was never served! The Plaintiff filed affidavits, swearing to his acceptance of service. The Plaintiff filed for a Motion for Summary Judgment, and had judgment entered on the premise that our client simply was disinterested in the party and ignored the complaint they alleged he was served with. By the Grace of G-D, we pulled email records, and computer logs, we proffered competing affidavits and noticed every subsequent purchaser of the Client’s property. We set our motion down twice for hearing and yet, if you ask me what allowed our client to have such a significant windfall that not only was the judgment vacated, but so too was the service of process quashed (deemed not served), I would say it was because cooler heads prevailed.

The opposing side attempted to ruffle feathers. They giggled every time we spoke in court. They made gestures as though we were the outlandish ones in attempting to prove our position in the case. Yet, nothing let us be undone. In fact, we trusted in G-D, fought for the position we believe in and did it with class. This resulted in a success for our client and a success for our firm. Thank G-D, when the Judge went off the record, he commented to the opposing side and stated, “you know, I must say, based on what was presented here today, I do not believe you ever served him at all.” It continues to be a blessing every moment at Loan Lawyers, LLC. Who knows what tomorrow will bring…