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As the U.S. continues to lick its economic wounds from the recession’s aftermath, millions of consumers are still faced with that ugly 4 letter word nobody wishes to associate themselves with—DEBT. People all over the country are gearing up and readying their wallet for another run with this formidable foe.

The truth is, 8 out of every 10 Americans are in debt. Although debt isn’t necessarily a problem, it can quickly turn its ugly cheek if you’re living beyond your means.

For some companies out there, this is good news. Debt collectors have created a multi-billion dollar industry off other’s hardships. While the collection of consumer debt plays an essential role within the consumer credit market, many companies have abused this process—harassing debtors, calling multiple times a day, attempting to collect an outstanding debt.

Unfortunately, the ideology of a debt collector is that if they harass you enough, then at some point you’ll pay the debt just to get rid of that harassment.

Fortunately in 1991, Congress passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Presently, the TCPA restricts debt collectors from using an automated telephone dialing system to place calls – or – texts – to a debtor’s cellular telephone without their consent.

Since 1991, the debt collection industry has become more sophisticated, and as a result, new laws are implemented with the assistance of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in order to combat the ever-evolving tactics debt collectors use to reach their targets.

For far too long, debt collectors have used unlawful methods in their attempt to collect a debt. In response, Congress has enacted severe penalties for such practices—presently; a consumer may be able to collect between $500.00 and $1500.00 per call and text.

Whether you have been the victim of unwanted telephone calls or texts, or seek assistance with understanding your rights as a consumer, our firm of highly-experienced attorneys will be able assist and help you file a claim if necessary.