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Sale Date Scramble

One of the most dreadful parts of the foreclosure process is when a homeowner gets a sale date placed on their property. Often times people are served with foreclosure lawsuits in South Florida and many react instantly, responsibly Whether it is by handling it independently or retaining legal counsel to assist them with their legal matter. Few ignore these lawsuits and let them go unrepresented. Often times, homeowners react at the last minute and others times when it becomes too late.

A sale date is often issued at a Summary Judgment hearing if the Plaintiff wins or at the time when a final judgment is entered against the Defendant. More commonly, a sale date is assigned during a trial when the court finds in favor of the Plaintiff. When this occurs, it does not mean that the property MUST be sold on that specific date. One can always file a motion to cancel the sale date in order to get an extension in attempts to resolve the foreclosure matter.

If you find yourself panicking, don't delay the process any longer. Seek professional help to assist you in canceling the sale date and exploring loss mitigation options in order to get the foreclosure lawsuit against you dismissed!

On the corner of sale dates and extensions,

Sonja L. Cajuste, Esq.