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1 in 3 Americans Have Debt

Roughly one in three adult Americans have a past-due debt that's been turned over to a collection agency, according to a novel new study. The following is based on records shared with researchers by the credit reporting agency TransUnion:

  • 35 percent of Americans with a credit file have debt in collection reported in these files. Bills more than 180 days overdue are sent to collection agencies.
  • The average amount owed on bills in collection is $5,200.
  • 5.3 percent of Americans with a credit file have bills reported to a credit bureau between 30 and 180 days past due.
  • The average amount owed on past-due debt not yet in collections is $2,258.
  • Americans with bills in collection and past-due debt owe a combined average of $9,123.

Looking at Florida, several cities have high percentages of people with debt in collections. Miami was a hair under 40 percent. Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa showed 45 percent, 44.8 percent and 41.6 percent. The Lakeland area between Orlando and Tampa had a very elevated 47.3 percent in collections, while North Port on the Gulf of Mexico was at 35 percent.

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