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I received a letter in the mail that someone wants to buy my house even though I

Don't get involved with foreclosure rescue scamsThis is an easy question to answer. Do not get involved with anyone who is not a reputable attorney, period. After someone is served with foreclosure, they will be bombarded by a number of advertisements from lawyers, real estate agents, and unfortunately, people who are looking to take advantage of the homeowner. I just met with a client today who responded to an ad from a company that promised to save her home. All she had to do was sign the house over to them, then they would negotiate with the bank and sell the house back to her. THIS IS A SCAM, DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THESE RIP-OFFS AND NEVER SIGN YOUR HOME OVER TO ANYONE!!!

Another common scam that people receive advertisements for is when someone offers to buy your home and they will take care of the bank. The unsuspecting homeowner will receive a few thousand dollars, then the "new owner" will rent the house to someone and collect tens of thousands in rent. The original owner, however, is still on the hook with the bank, despite the scammer's promises, and their financial lives are left in ruin. There are so many foreclosure rescue scams out there, so only deal with a law firm with a stellar reputation, like Loan Lawyers.

If you are a homeowner facing a Florida foreclosure, please go get advice from a competent law firm that handles foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, loan modification, short sales, and make sure they sue banks for TILA and other consumer protection violations.

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