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"To Modify, Or Not To Modify, That Is The Question..."

While there are a sizable number of our cases which go to trial and we win, people may feel that unless their cases have some signs of fraud or disingenuous lending practices they hear about on television or the radio, there is no point to fight back against a Bank's impropriety. NOTHING could be further from the truth. In fact, if a client wants to examine the possibilities and protections that nearly every borrower is entitled to, let them meet with one of the 10 attorneys or our team of incredible paralegals, specifically dedicated to modifying our client's loans.

A modification, can provide a noticeably lengthier (if not indefinite) time in one's home, and perhaps if not entirely dismiss a case even before a judgment is rendered against them. Modification begins and ends with the Borrower's efforts in conjunction with our dedicated staff. Once we provide the initial package information to the Lender in compliance with their policies and procedures for modifying, there are a slew of triggers, which are hit that at the least give them time to be modified, appeal (if necessary), or at most entirely inactivate their foreclosure matter. For more information how we can Modify your loan and perhaps help save your home, come make an appointment with one of the staff that is Loan Lawyers, LLC.