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2013 Debt Collection Statistics

In 2013, 10,320 suits were filed under the FDCPA; 2,276 under the FCRA; and 1,862 under the TCPA.

Debt Collection

FDCPA litigation has decreased for the second year in a row, down 10% over 2012 (which itself was down 7% over 2011). Also expected, TCPA litigation exploded this year, up 69% over 2012. The one surprise in the year-end numbers is that FCRA litigation eked out a small increase (just 1%, but still) over 2012, after spending most of the year down from 2012.

Meanwhile, CFPB complaints against debt collectors seem to have settled into a 1200′ish monthly rate, after exploding out of the gate over the summer.

Debt Collection